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E-Book: Beyond the Books - A Guide to VR/XR for Academic Use Power Your Research and Education

Leading universities worldwide are adopting virtual and mixed reality technologies to educate and engage with their students and power their research. Download Varjo’s e-book to discover how research and education can be conducted across industries utilizing the unique key features of immersive technologies.

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Preview of Contents:

1. Understanding Mixed Reality
2. VR/XR for Education
3. VR/XR for Research
4. Training and Simulations
5. Setting Up Your Virtual and Mixed Reality Lab

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Find out how to harness the unique immersive features of VR & XR in research and academia.

We at Varjo are eager to support academic institutions in their pursuit of developing meaningful immersive 3D solutions and adopting immersive technologies for research, education, and training. We strongly believe that students and researchers of today deserve to learn more about immersive technologies (VR, AR, and XR) hands-on to be better equipped for tomorrow. That is why we have designed this e-book with universities and other academic institutions in mind.

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