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Teleport to Any Reality – Introducing Varjo's Vision for Future Immersive Collaboration

So far, Varjo has allowed users to move beyond their 2D screens and experience virtual objects or environments as perfect replicas of our real surroundings. But our ultimate goal is even more ambitious – teleportation to other realities with the help of the world’s most advanced VR/XR hardware and software.

Photorealistic Virtual Teleportation


Urho Konttori, Co-Founder and CTO

June 24, 2021 – For the past five years, Varjo has been on a journey to redefine reality. With our incredible team of engineers, designers, opticians, and developers, we’ve created industry-leading virtual and mixed reality hardware and software. Our technology has enabled professionals across industries to train, design, do research, and collaborate in ways never seen before. 

Today, we are proud to reveal how everything that we’ve done so far connects together for a bigger vision – a true-to-life metaverse, a shared virtual existence that’s rooted in the real world. 

Varjo is developing a cloud-based platform, which will allow the ultimate science fiction dream, photorealistic virtual teleportation, to come true. 


Share Your Surroundings in 3D

With Varjo’s technology, anybody will be able to capture their surroundings in 3D and then invite somebody else to join that same exact reality, see and hear others, and share their experience in absolute immersion.

Instead of jumping on a plane, you will be able to teleport to any location and back instantly, making your actual physical location completely irrelevant. It won’t just be a simple hologram of an object or a static reality capture; we’re talking about a fully immersive, photorealistic 3D stream, all the way down to the last pixel. And what’s best, you’ll be able to edit and modify the shared 3D reality together as you would edit a photo or a video. Want to add in new objects or tweak existing parts of the reality? Easy. It’s just bits.

 First, this will become possible for users of Varjo, but eventually for anybody, on any device. 

Enter a Metaverse Grounded in Reality

As counterintuitive as it might sound, this metaverse grounded in reality scales faster and more naturally than a pre-rendered metaverse that you need to build from scratch. With Varjo’s technology, you’ll be able to create a shared metaverse just by looking around and doing a real-time 3D scan of the places that are the most meaningful to you – like the Animal Crossing island on the Nintendo Switch but created by our users, from their own physical surroundings, all connected together and shared with the people they choose. It’s by far the fastest, easiest, and most scalable way of building a collaborative virtual space.

The use cases are endless, from personal connections to office life to factory work and beyond. We’ve only begun dreaming of the end-user applications for this together with a few selected partners, and we’ll continue to build our roadmap together with our users.

How Virtual Teleportation Works

Let’s go through some of our unique technologies that enable teleportation to digitized real-life places that appear as real as your physical surroundings. 

First off, our human-eye resolution optics allow a completely realistic portrayal of the world in VR – not simple, game-like, or cartoonish content, but completely realistic virtual experiences.  

Secondly, the low-latency video pass-through in our mixed reality headset Varjo XR-3 digitizes the world in real-time, in perfect detail, and our unique LiDAR hardware and software transforms the capture into a highly accurate 3D reconstruction of your surroundings. 

Varjo eye tracking makes it possible to optimize visual fidelity based on where the user is looking at a speed of 200 times per second. Combined with our proprietary foveated transport algorithm, the human-eye resolution, wide-field-of view 3D image feed can then be transported into the cloud and back.

With Varjo’s foveated transport algorithm, you can stream your reality with a lower bit rate than you would stream a movie from Netflix while still keeping the human-eye resolution quality.

We’ll Build It Together with our Customers

Virtual teleportation will be based on near-infinite computing available in the cloud. The first step on our roadmap is to deploy, scale and distribute immersive human-eye resolution experiences from the cloud to Varjo headsets. But down the line, our platform will enable perfect visual fidelity and high performance for any device, including laptops, phones, tablets, and wireless headsets.

We’ll be opening up early access to the first set of selected Varjo customers and partners. Varjo headsets will be the first devices to unlock access to cloud-streamed experiences – and eventually to full-fledged virtual teleportation.

We are excited to share our vision – and soon our entire reality – with all of you. 


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Private customers can order Aero through our selected Varjo resellers.