It’s a revolution in training.

High-precision training and simulation demands absolute visual fidelity. Because of the poor resolution of VR devices on the market, until now it’s been impossible to effectively train in VR.

With the world’s only VR with human-eye resolution and integrated eye tracking, VR-1 makes it possible to realistically simulate everything from flight training to surgical training.

Train in a completely realistic VR environment.

See every detail near and far, read even the tiniest texts, and train in a completely realistic VR environment – all thanks to the human-eye resolution of VR-1’s Bionic Display™.

Varjo VR-1 used together with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® simulation software enables pilots to train in human-eye resolution virtual reality.

VR-1’s Bionic Display™ brings the tiniest details and the big picture into never-before-seen focus. This clarity allows professionals in fields demanding extreme visual fidelity and accuracy to train in a VR environment that perfectly mimics the real world.

With VR-1, professionals like pilots, surgeons, industrial engineers, heavy machinery operators and others can now train safely, effectively and remotely – with the extreme and uncompromising visual fidelity their work demands.

Comparison images

These comparison images were shot through HTC Vive Pro and Varjo VR-1 prototype.


When training with VR-1, you’ll see the tiniest details near and far, and every color, surface and contour are just as clear as they are in the real world.

Train at the point of need.

Traditional simulators are big, bulky, expensive and often immobile. By moving training to a realistic, immersive and easily portable VR environment, VR-1 marks the start of a completely new generation in training and simulation.

The ability to quickly and easily ship VR-1 headsets to large numbers of people virtually anywhere in the world means multiple trainees can learn to operate aircraft, work heavy machinery, treat patients and more – at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.

Using VR-1 means faster, more flexible and safer training, many hours of saved time, and potentially millions in savings.

“It’s a new standard in training and simulation.”

Tobias Olsson - Head of Tactical Simulation and Visualisation, SAAB AB
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See how VR-1 is helping Grippen pilots train faster, better and more cost-effectively.

20/20 Eye Tracker™

Train with the world’s most advanced eye tracker.

Sharpen learning curves, save time, money and even lives with Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker™, the most advanced and powerful stereo eye tracker ever integrated into a VR device. With an accuracy of less than one degree, 20/20 Eye Tracker™ delivers the extreme precision even the most demanding training scenarios need.

Varjo’s integrated 20/20 Eye Tracker™ tracks the eye with sub-degree accuracy.

Custom made to work seamlessly with Varjo’s Bionic Display™, 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is the world’s only eye-tracker that’s optimized to track and analyze eye movements in true-to-life human-eye resolution VR. Because subjects are able to see every detail in human-eye resolution, 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is able to single out more specific points of interest to track.

Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker™ gives professionals in fields demanding extreme visual accuracy access to eye data analytics for the most demanding professional uses, including flight simulation, surgical training, complex industrial training and more.

20/20 Eye Tracker™ features

Sub-degree accuracy

Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is the most accurate integrated eye tracking technology the world has ever seen. Thanks to VR-1’s dual high-speed cameras, unique infrared illumination pattern approach, and highly sophisticated computer vision algorithms, it knows exactly where users are looking, with an accuracy of less than one degree of visual angle.

Power and precision

20/20 Eye Tracker™ is optimized for data analytics and user interactions in the most demanding professional environments. And it works just as precisely and accurately even when worn with glasses or contact lenses.

Works with the tools you use

The true power of 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is how easy it is for developers to use. The 20/20 Eye Tracker™ API can easily be used with existing solutions, and we also offer plugins and example code for the Unity® and Unreal® engines.

Made for professionals

Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker technology is designed and developed entirely in-house, which means we’re able to develop it to meet users’ needs and wants. It’s also made to protect your privacy. The data collected by 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is always yours and yours alone – data will only be shared with the third parties you choose.

“VR is the future of surgical training and VR-1 is the piece of the puzzle that’s been missing.”

Arne Schlenzka - MD and founder and CEO at Osgenic
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Complete compatibility

Virtualizing the training and simulation workflow.

The world’s most advanced technology also has to be the world’s easiest to use. That’s why VR-1 is compatible with a fast-growing collection of the world’s most popular 3D engines and software tools. VR-1 can also be easily integrated into other industry-specific engines with Varjo’s native SDK, a collection of libraries and a C/C++ API. The SDK is currently compatible with 64-bit Windows, DirectX 11 and OpenGL. More platforms and graphics APIs are coming soon. Companies like Bohemia Interactive, Osgenic and more are already using their own custom engines to run content on VR-1.

VR-1 + Unreal®

“The incredible visuals provided by Varjo VR-1, combined with the industry-leading graphical power of Unreal Engine 4, shows an exciting future for high-end visualization.”

Simon Jones
Director of Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games
VR-1 + Unity®

“Varjo is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in VR fidelity. The text quality, combined with eye tracking, makes this the first headset to move us closer to virtual reality feeling real. With such high graphical fidelity, we’re really proud that Varjo chose Unity as their development platform of choice for their headset.”

Timoni West
Director of XR Research at Unity Technologies
VR-1 + Prepar3D®

With Varjo VR-1, pilots, commercial organizations, and academic institutions can use the Prepar3D® visual simulation software to train in human-eye resolution VR. Together, VR-1 and Prepar3D® deliver a completely immersive, experiential learning environment in photorealistic VR.

VR-1 + Osgenic

“The integration process has been super smooth. Our current application allows you to highlight very small, intricate parts of the anatomy of the hand, parts which would be lost to low resolution and screen-door-effect on other devices. Seeing our content on the Varjo device for the first time was like using a VR HMD for the first time all over again. Next-level stuff.”

Mark Gillard
Lead Developer at Osgenic
VR-1 + VBS Blue IG

“Varjo VR-1 driven by VBS Blue IG offers users a VR experience in incredible human-eye resolution visual fidelity that enables visibility of fine grain detail and text as well as objects at real-world distances, which are all critical factors for crew training.”

John Burwell
Vice President at Bohemia Interactive

"The Varjo VR-1 Headset delivers a remarkable resolution in its dual-acuity Bionic Display giving true reading acuity, while having peripheral awareness. CAE is excited to leverage these new Varjo capabilities to enhance crew training.”

Phil Perey
Head of Technology for Defence and Security at CAE, a global leader in training for the civil aviation and defence markets

“The resolution of VR-1 is the big win for pilot training.”

See how VR-1 takes flight training at Bohemia to new heights.

Built ground-up for training and simulation.

VR-1 is the world’s only professional-grade VR headset, designed from the ground up to allow professionals to train in demanding industries where extreme precision and visual fidelity are needed. With a resolution that’s 20 times greater than any other VR device, on-board eye tracking and compatibility with the most popular software tools, VR-1 is revolutionizing training and simulation in industries from aerospace to medicine to manufacturing and beyond.

Industry Specific Features

Bionic Display™

Read the tiny text on switches, see objects near and far in human-eye resolution with Bionic Display™.

20/20 Eye Tracker™

Train with 20/20 Eye Tracker™, the world’s most powerful and precise integrated eye tracking technology.


Works with existing SteamVR™ base stations (generations 1 and 2), also compatible with ART tracking technology.

Optical Fiber Cables

Thin and light optical fiber cables of 10-meter length with USB-C, allowing users to move freely while wearing the headset.

Upgradable to XR

Owners of VR-1 will be able to easily upgrade to XR with Varjo’s Mixed Reality Add-on, launching later this year. When available, users of VR-1 can replace the front plate of VR-1 with Varjo’s video see-through XR add-on.

Replaceable facemask

Comfortable usage with two different sized, easily replaceable large and standard face cushions, can be used with glasses.

Audio Jack

3mm audio jack supports custom audio solutions and headphones of your choice.


Purchase VR-1

Purchase VR-1 and see every detail of your work come to life in VR human-eye resolution.

See how Varjo VR-1 is also revolutionizing work in architecture, engineering and construction and design.

“Audi makes the most premium cars and Varjo makes the most premium VR.”

Jan Pflueger - Coordination Augmented & Virtual Reality, AUDI AG
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“It did the one thing no other device can do – it made me forget I was wearing a headset.”

Hani Rashid - Co-founder and Design Partner, ASYMPTOTE ARCHITECTURE
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