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Case Dassault Aviation & Varjo: Enhanced realism in virtual and mixed reality simulations for aviation training Case Dassault Aviation & Varjo: Enhanced realism in virtual and mixed reality simulations for aviation training

More Immersive Simulator Training – Case Dassault

See how Dassault Aviation uses Varjo headsets to enhance the capabilities of their pilot training with more immersive simulations.

Key benefits of Varjo – Pilot training with better immersion:

  • Portability benefits and cost savings of virtual and mixed reality simulators
  • Increased simulation realism, leading to better immersion of trainees
  • Stronger training outcomes through XR interactions

Enhanced levels of realism with Varjo's virtual and mixed reality

“Varjo brings us the cutting-edge technology needed to achieve better resolution in our simulations.”

– Xavier Rabillard, Head of HMI for Simulators, Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is a French aerospace company that shapes the future by designing and building military aircraft, business jets and space systems. Over the past century, the company has delivered over 10,000 aircraft to 90 different countries.

Dassault Aviation has partnered with Varjo to further enhance the realism of their pilot training simulators. With Varjo’s pioneering virtual and mixed reality technology, pilots can experience and train in immersive environments with human-eye resolution visual fidelity (at over 70 pixels per degree). Trainees stay fully immersed and engaged with an unmatched level of realism and visual clarity.

In addition to significantly increased simulation resolution, the added capabilities of Varjo’s mixed reality headsets further deepen the interactions of pilots, allowing them to seamlessly interact with physical controllers in addition to digital objects. Varjo headsets come with integrated Ultraleap hand tracking.

As part of the collaboration, Dassault also actively provides technical feedback to Varjo’s development team to further deepen the integration capabilities, which allows building even better features for demanding training and simulations.

Case Varjo & Dassault Aviation: Pilot training with better immersion.

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