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Varjo Academic Program – Hear Testimonials from Virtual Reality Users in the Academia

Did you know Varjo already serves thousands of professional and academic customers worldwide, including Virginia Tech, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the University of California, Irvine?

virtual reality in academia

We at Varjo are eager to support academic institutions in their pursuit of developing meaningful immersive 3D solutions and adopting immersive technologies for research, education, and training. We strongly believe that students and researchers of today deserve to learn more about VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and XR (Mixed / Extended Reality) technologies hands-on to be better equipped for tomorrow. That is why we have designed a special virtual reality program for universities and other academia in mind.

If you would like to conduct academic, clinical, and commercial research in a completely realistic virtual environment, visualize data in 3D, reduce cognitive load in education, or achieve better learning results, this program is for you.

By applying, you are getting access to significant discounts and complimentary setup guidance by Varjo.

The application period is now closed. Please reach out to the Varjo sales team to hear when the program launches again for 2023.


Hear what pioneering academic virtual reality users have said about Varjo:

Michael Busa, Director of the Center for Human Health and Performance at the University of Massachusetts Amherst:

“The high resolution of the Varjo XR-3 combined with its eye tracking and passthrough capabilities have allowed us to simulate more realistic training scenarios with greater experimental control. On the development side, Varjo’s integration with SteamVR has allowed us to easily transition from other base station tracked headsets.”

Douglas Bowman, Frank J. Maher Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech:

“Varjo is the only company providing the unique, high-end features and specs we need to prototype innovative future immersive experiences.”

Franco de Flaviis, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the UCI Samueli School of Engineering:

Varjo Aero’s visual clarity, in addition to faithful color reproduction and brightness, are outstanding and ahead of any other system we have tested in the past. In addition, the headset’s head strap has multiple adjustments, making it very comfortable to wear the headset. We all wear glasses at the university so getting lenses for the headset is not very practical. We like the fact that there is plenty of room inside the headset to accommodate glasses at ease. The Varjo software is also a really good piece of engineering. Everything is streamlined and works very efficiently.”

Roope Raisamo, Professor and Head of Computer-Human Interaction from Tampere University: 

Human imaging must be able to represent complex biological structures and their properties. New VR technologies like Varjo make this more effective, as you can see and experience 3D content in human-eye resolution.”

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