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Varjo Mixed Reality Headset Recognized as 2019 Lumiere Award Winner

With Varjo’s mixed reality, creative teams across the globe can come together in a photorealistic virtual or mixed reality space where new concepts can be showcased, discussed and iterated in real time. Varjo’s mixed reality headset is an exceptional tool for immersive storytelling, creative productions, and augmented reality or virtual reality showcases.

Varjo is a 2019 Entertainment Technology Lumiere Award winner. Organized by the Advanced Imaging Society, the Lumiere Awards recognizes distinguished international achievements in the creation of immersive storytelling using advanced visual technologies such as VR, AR, and real-time rendering.

Varjo won the award for its mixed reality headset, which is the world’s first photorealistic XR device targeted at engineers, designers, and researchers pioneering a new reality.

Based on sophisticated video pass-through technology and Varjo’s human-eye resolution Bionic Display™, Varjo’s mixed reality headset is able to seamlessly merge virtual content with the real world for the first time. The device can portray true-to-life colors, lights, and shadows in full field of view with zero observable latency, as well as enable switching between virtual and mixed realities. Varjo is commercially available for business use.

Other winners of the 2019 awards included Magnopus’ Tycoon Virtual Production System, which helped create Disney’s The Lion King, as well as Skydance/Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Unity Technologies, Felix and Paul Studios, and Sony Innovation Studios. The winners were recognized at the Advanced Imaging Society’s 10th annual ceremony held in Beverly Hills on October 28.

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Varjo’s Bernard Mendiburu and Brandon Turnage at the award ceremony


This image simulates what you see when you look through an optical see-through device compared to Varjo's video pass-through-based mixed reality device. The Varjo image is an unmodified capture shot through the headset running Autodesk VRED.


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Business customers have access to our full product range.


Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.