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High security VR

High-Security VR for the Enterprise: A Deep Dive into Varjo Security Measures

Varjo has a vision of bringing virtual and mixed reality to every workplace. Naturally, that vision includes environments with the most demanding security and privacy precautions.

Read on to learn about the measures taken and customizations available for the Varjo XR-3 to accommodate any high-security environment.

With the Highest Quality Comes the Highest Security

Varjo headsets are designed with the most demanding professionals in mind. This means not only offering the highest product quality and advanced features available on the market but also meeting any other business and mission requirements these professionals may have for adopting VR/XR technology.

When it comes to security and privacy, Varjo headsets are built to support the information assurance and risk management procedures and requirements of the highest-security environments out there: those such as military bases and posts, nuclear power plants, and any other locations where stakes are high.

Varjo understands and supports the security and risk management requirements of defense and security customers and routinely works with both end-users and system integrators including customers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, the US DoD, Finnish Air Force, ITI Systems, and Cole Engineering Services. We routinely provide the necessary information, data, and disclosures required to obtain an Authority To Operate (ATO) from U.S. DoD and intelligence agencies.

Detailed security measures in both hardware and software 

Security and privacy have been thought of in every aspect of both hardware and software. When it comes to manufacturing, Varjo follows a meticulous approach. Procurement, manufacturing, and shipping is all done in cooperation with Flex, a U.S.-based world-leading manufacturing partner. Flex and all its sub-contractors across the supply chain work with well-established processes that comply with federal acquisition regulations. Among other things, there are processes for avoiding counterfeit parts and sourcing electronics directly from the original component manufacturer or approved distributors.

Varjo Base, the software needed to run and manage the Varjo headset on the workstation, has been developed with the enterprise customer in mind since day one. The key principle behind it is simple: the customer is in full control. In practice, this means all log files Varjo Base writes on the customer’s PC are managed by the customer: they can read them, delete them, or send them to Varjo—but never automatically. In addition, nothing is stored on the headset during the entire lifetime of the unit.

Furthermore, the customer is also in control when it comes to downloads. The software will not forcibly download anything on the customer’s behalf: automatic updates can be disabled, and the customer can fully manage what to download and when. Varjo Base is accessed through a personal Varjo Account, which only requires minimal data needed to operate and manage the subscription.

Fully Customizable to Accommodate Ultimate Security Needs

Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 Virtual and Mixed Reality Headsets Deliver the Industry's Highest Resolution with the Widest FOVWhile the standard Varjo solution is highly secure, there are customizations available for customers with even more specialized requirements. For example, some customers work in environments where all network usage is forbidden, or access to the Internet simply is not available. For these situations, Varjo offers an offline version of Varjo software that can be used seamlessly without network access. This also bypasses the need for creating a Varjo Account.

By default, Varjo devices use wireless radios to connect to SteamVR controllers, trackers, or to wirelessly turn base stations on/off or update the firmware. However, if customers require wireless radio communication to be restricted entirely, the radio chip can be removed from the headset.

Finally, Varjo also has the capability to produce devices in-house at its facilities in Finland, making the Varjo headsets TAA compliant. For more details on our TAA Compliant variation, learn more here.

Got questions about the use of VR in high-security environments? Please reach out to our sales experts to learn more. 

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