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Webinar On Demand: HeadWall - A Secure Virtual Command Center

Join Varjo, with our partner ITI Systems, as we introduce and explore HeadWall – a new virtual command center application that uses Varjo’s industry-leading VR and XR devices.

Originally aired October 2020

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Your Hosts:

Geoff Bund
Head of Business Development – Americas
Varjo Technologies


Adam Weiner
ITI Systems


Mark Templeton
Vice President
ITI Systems


Emily Hay
Vice President
Pershing Technologies


Matt Jackson
Pershing Technologies

Learn how virtualizing your command and control center and similar workflows can drastically improve ROI and scalability, create safer conditions, and enable remote operations. Watch the webinar on demand today.

What to Expect:

Varjo is joined by our partner ITI Systems to introduce HeadWall – their new virtual command center application utilizing Varjo’s industry-leading VR and XR devices to deliver human-eye resolution, immersive user experiences.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how virtualizing a command center can:

  • Enhance the user experience.
  • Provide additional functionality.
  • Realize substantial cost savings versus traditional approaches.

And, we’ll discuss what markets and applications can benefit from a virtualized approach to data visualization.

Originally aired October 2020


When is HeadWall the right solution:

Headwall is designed for operational command centers as it enables many separate visual inputs to be viewed all in one virtualized command center application. This has several specific applications in different industries.

Command and Control: Headwall provides the opportunity for large utilities, enterprise and government, to replicate the functionality of a large control room video wall with a virtual reality headset, using a computer with compatible GPU. Video wall content is displayed virtually within the headset and console and control capability typically enabled by a touchpanel and control system is replicated by the software application. The software application allows for control of hardware including video matrix switches, image processing, camera control and USB HID. The form factor of a headset means the setup can be accomplished remotely, keeping personnel out of harm’s way. Content is secured using AES encrypted SRT and is compatible with Type 1 NSA approved encryption devices.

Security and Surveillance: Headwall allows security command centers to replicate the functionality of a large watchfloor in the form factor of a single computer and head-mounted display. Surveillance camera inputs can hit the same headend but the monitors and controls are all replaced by head mounted displays and software applications. Headwall also replicates the hardware functionality which means those cameras, switches, IoT devices and encoders can be controlled from within the VR application.

Financial Data Visualization: Financial data visualization can be accomplished without the need of many monitors. Realtime video streams can be routed to the virtual center just as they could in a multiple monitor terminal setup. This means a trader or analyst can view the same amount of information remotely without a large hardware footprint. Complex financial office setups can be replicated in a hotel room or any other remote location with sufficient bandwidth.

Learn more about virtualizing your command center operations.

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