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Webinar: Virtual Insight Session - Leveraging the Full Power​ of Varjo Base and Workspace​

Learn how to get the most from your Varjo headset using the built-in tools – Varjo Base and Workspace.

Varjo Base is our core software that enables headset view visibility and rapid access to settings, tools, and real-time data. Workspace is a dimensional interface that powers a virtual work environment where 2D applications merge with immersive mixed reality experiences.

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Learn how to make the most of your Varjo headset with the built-in tools and features.

Your Host:

John O’Neill
Sales and Solutions Engineer
Varjo Technologies

Did you know that every Varjo headset is delivered with built-in features and tools that can help you work more effectively and efficiently in your day-to-day tasks, without running any additional software?

During this 1-hour virtual insight session, you’ll learn how Varjo Base and Workspace can bring your real and virtual workflows together into one seamless reality.

Varjo Workspace is a dimensional interface that enables flat 2D applications to blend in photorealistic clarity with immersive spatial 3D experiences. We’ll explore this – as well as other tools in Varjo Base – to provide a deep dive exploration into getting the most from Varjo XR/VR across a variety of workflow use cases.

Whether you want to see your code development results in real-time; design and review cars, engines or building layouts; or are simply interested in learning how to get the most out of a Varjo headset, you’ll discover new ways to leverage the enterprise power of Varjo virtual and mixed reality.

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What is Workspace?

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Explore the Workspace user guide for Varjo mixed reality

“Unlike other immersive computing UIs, Varjo Workspace is not built on ‘hand-waving’ Hollywood UIs with no practical basis in reality, but instead integrates the way we work today using professional 2D applications – all enhanced by the capabilities of Varjo XR technologies.”

Urho Konttori, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Varjo

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