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Introducing a Dimensional Interface: Varjo Workspace

Ready to use computers in a new way? Varjo Workspace allows 2D and 3D to merge into a new dimensional interface, creating entirely new ways of working and pushing unseen levels of creativity.


Urho Konttori
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Varjo

Jussi Mäkinen
CMO at Varjo

Today we are introducing the world to our new user experience, code named Varjo Workspace.

Varjo Workspace is the world’s first dimensional interface, and a completely new way to use computers. It enables us to step beyond physical monitors and work in a space in which flat 2D applications blend seamlessly with immersive spatial 3D experiences.

Since Varjo was founded, we have always believed that for the immersive computing revolution to happen, we would need to bridge the present and the future with the world’s best VR/XR hardware, the most powerful software, and a user interface that frees us from the constraints of the physical world. With the recent launch of our photorealistic mixed reality headset and now Varjo Workspace, we are now shipping all three: hardware, software and interface.

Beyond a Virtual Desktop

Introducing Varjo Workspace. Ready to use computers in a new way?

When it comes to creating spatial content, currently the problem is that you need to go back and forth between using 3D creation tools like Unity® Editor on a flat monitor and seeing your creation come to life through a headset. Instead of just introducing new tools, we wanted to enable bringing existing 3D creation tools into the immersive world with customizable virtual monitors that let you use the same applications you normally would – all in a photorealistic 3D environment.

This way, instead of needing to learn to use new software applications, you can use your decades-long mastery of your favorite design tool – be it CAD, a game engine, or a 3D graphics suite. As always in CAD, you need to be able to operate complex commands from your keyboard, and Varjo is the only product that also lets you see the keyboard.

See the Changes You Make in Real Time

Using Varjo mixed reality headset and Varjo Workspace, you no longer need switch back and forth between 2D and 3D worlds to experience and modify your 3D models. Now you can be immersed in your design in VR or XR, while also seeing your CAD suite inside the model that you are working on, or right next to you in mixed reality. And you do all of this while also being able to access infinitely-adjustable monitors from the size of your normal screen all the way to a video wall. This gives you a whole new perspective on your designs and reduces the friction from VR visualization, making it part of the normal design process.
For example, you can modify a 3D model using existing CAD and visualization tools like Autodesk® VRED™, Unity™ or Unreal™ and immediately see the changes you make come to life around you in real time. This can be done either in full virtual reality mode or in mixed reality mode, where you see the virtual content augmented on top of the real world around you.
Varjo Workspace: Edit Your Unity Project inside Virtual & Mixed Reality.

Mix Realities in Groundbreaking Ways

Varjo Workspace: Walk into a Virtual Airbus A350 Cockpit.

All this is made possible by Varjo’s mixed reality headset and its video pass-through technology. We are already seeing incredible innovation around our mixed reality devices from companies like Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Volvo, Flight Safety, and CAE, all of whom are introducing a paradigm shift in the simulation and training space, mixing the real and the virtual in completely groundbreaking ways. Varjo headsets are already utilized in simulators, car development sites, and training facilities, where training can now be done more cost-effectively than with traditional setups such as domes.

The next step is to make this technology personal, allowing you to decide when, where and how you want to use it with your favorite design or development tools. The complete freedom to move naturally between virtual, mixed and traditional realities creates endless new possibilities and allows you to reach entirely new creative heights.

Next Steps

Varjo Workspace: Real time shadows & reflections.

Varjo Workspace is a developer edition, meaning that it’s still early days and we’re still exploring the vast potential of this new computing paradigm. We’ll continue working on the many aspects of Workspace during the upcoming months, collaborating with our partners and customers to deepen the integration with professional design, engineering and simulation tools and to make the Dimensional Interface part of everyday work.

Our vision hasn’t changed since we founded Varjo: We are creating a new kind of immersive computing, where virtual, augmented and traditional realities become one. One where you can no longer tell the difference between what is real and what is virtual. To this end, we are working on perfecting the light, shadows and reflections – making them exact replicas of the world around you. You can see this in the adjacent video – it’s the current state of the art, working in any Varjo powered 3D model already today.

We’re seeing today how the promise of spatial computing is already turning into reality with Varjo headsets. Next these devices will become personal, lighter, more approachable, and fully connected. Ultimately, spatial computing will become an everyday experience for professionals and consumers alike, ending the era of Desktop PCs as we know them.

Today, that future is closer than ever.

Varjo Workspace is now available with our mixed reality device

Calling game-changing engineers, researchers, designers and other professionals who are pioneering a new reality with VR, AR and XR. Varjo Workspace ships as part of the software delivered with Varjo’s mixed reality headset.


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