Meet the most professional VR device in every sense.

Varjo VR-2 Pro takes professional-grade VR to even higher heights with human-eye resolution, integrated 20/20 Eye Tracker™, advanced integrated hand tracking by Ultraleap, plus support for SteamVR and OpenVR content.

Advanced hand tracking by Ultraleap®.

Unmodified capture of the VR-2 Pro. The immersive content was created by HTX Labs in collaboration with the US Air Force to support emergency procedure training for pilots.

VR-2 Pro comes with advanced integrated Ultraleap® (formerly Leap Motion) hand tracking technology, enabling even deeper intuitive interactions with the world’s highest-fidelity VR content.

With VR-2 Pro, you’ll experience the most stable and natural hand-tracking ever integrated into a VR headset. That means you can say goodbye to controllers and bulky add-ons and focus on interacting with the virtual environment. And our professional license covers all possible use cases – from simulation and training and industrial design to research.

It’s a resolution revolution for SteamVR and OpenVR.

In addition to across-the-board compatibility with the most popular 3D software, Varjo VR-2 Pro and VR-2 are the only devices on the market that support SteamVR content and the OpenVR development platform with ultra-high resolution.

Varjo’s unmatched visual fidelity supercharges hundreds of professional applications, allowing you to capture entirely new market opportunities and do things that have never been possible before.

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With Varjo's ultra-high resolution support for SteamVR and OpenVR content, the visual fidelity is crystal clear in the professional applications. These are unedited pictures shot through a competitor device and Varjo when using the DCS World simulator.


With Varjo, you see the tiniest details near and far, and every color, surface and contour are just as clear as they are in the real world. Varjo VR-2 Pro supercharges SteamVR/OpenVR applications to ultra-high resolutions.

Next generation Bionic Display.

When it comes to using VR in the most demanding professional and industrial settings, resolution really is everything. With a resolution of over 60 PPD and now even better peripheral vision and color consistency, VR-2 Pro’s Bionic Display delivers the most natural visual experience and pixel-perfect clarity for exploring and interacting with high-resolution 3D models and simulations.

By delivering the world’s only VR with human-eye resolution, Varjo allows designers to create and interact with true-to-life VR prototypes.


These are unedited, shot-through images of Autodesk VRED software on a competitor device and Varjo. With Varjo, you can explore the tiniest details, thanks to the human-eye resolution (over 60 PPD) in the VR-2 Pro.

The most accurate eye tracking the world has ever seen.

Unmodified capture of the VR-2 Pro. The immersive content was created by HTX Labs in collaboration with the US Air Force to support emergency procedure training for pilots.

Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker™ is the most advanced and powerful stereo eye tracking technology ever integrated into a VR headset.

Now with even faster and more accurate calibration performance, 20/20 Tracker™ provides unprecedented access to precise eye data for use in research, analytics, training and simulation, industrial design, and more.

Hear what our customers say

“To design in VR, we need the high resolution of the Varjo device.”

Jan Pflueger, Coordination of Augmented and Virtual Reality at Audi
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“The cost of a VR simulator is 1/10th of the cost of building a physical simulator. And with Varjo, the fidelity of our VR simulator is finally on a level that it should be.”

Joakim Bergroth, Human factor engineering expert at Fortum eSite
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“It’s a new standard in training and simulation.”

Tobias Olsson, Head of Tactical Simulation and Visualisation, Saab Ab
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Technical Specifications of VR-2 Pro

Find the detailed technical info about VR-2 Pro.

Resolution and refresh rate

Next-generation Bionic Display™ with resolution at over 20/20 vision (over 60 PPD / 3000 PPI), flicker-free screen refresh at 60/90 Hz. Combining two 1920 x 1080 low persistence micro-OLEDs and two 1440 x 1600 low persistence AMOLEDs.


Infinite contrast ratio (over 10,000:1) enabling the deepest blacks and individually calibrated colors, delivering outstanding accuracy and image quality. Individual image uniformity compensation done for every device for optimized image quality.

Eye tracking

Now with even faster and more accurate calibration – industrial-grade, sub-degree accuracy integrated 100hz stereo eye tracking delivering unmatched accuracy and precision. Made to work seamlessly with Varjo’s next-generation Bionic Display™.


Dual lens design combining different refractive index lenses for minimal color aberrations, zero ghost rays, and minimal reflections. Each surface coating has been methodically designed to maximize the brightness and clarity of the light fusion needed to achieve human-eye resolution. Improved optical materials generating more natural images.

Field of view

87 degrees


Compatible with Steam VR™ and ART™


605 g (+ headband) + counterweight 250 g


Thin and light optical fiber cables of 10-meter length with USB-C.
Link box for easy connection with PC.

Comfort & wearability

Active airflow system, adjustable and detachable headband and head strap, comfortable usage with two different sized, easily replaceable face cushions and automatic interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment for easy and accurate calibration when switching headset users.

Hand tracking

Integrated Ultraleap hand tracking. An active IR sensor system consisting of two wide-angle cameras and LEDs.


Headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible with the VR-2 Pro.

System Requirements

Varjo VR-2 Pro can be used with a Windows 10 desktop computer or a laptop. Please ensure that your system meets the listed requirements.

Varjo and Lenovo have collaborated to create pairings of Lenovo workstations and Varjo HMDs for easier and quicker enterprise adoption of VR. Find recommended pairings here.

Component Recommended Minimum
Processor Intel Core i7-8700

AMD Ryzen 7 2700

Intel Core i7-6700

AMD FX™ 9590

GPU * NVIDIA GeForce® RTX  2080

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000

NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080

NVIDIA Quadro P5000

Memory 32 GB 16 GB
Storage space 2 GB
Video output 2 x DisplayPort 1.2 / 2 x mini DisplayPort 1.2
USB port 1 x USB-A 3.0 port or newer, not using any Hub
Operating system Windows 10 (64-bit)

Not included in the box

  • SteamVR™ base stations 1.0 or 2.0. Four (4) base stations are recommended when using VR content that requires moving in the room, and the base stations need to be compatible with each other.
  • SteamVR™-compatible controllers
  • Headphones for audio

* Note: AMD GPUs are not currently supported by Varjo.

What’s in the box

  • Varjo VR-2 Pro headset
  • Link Box
  • Power supply unit
  • 3 power cables
  • Large hygienic face mask + Cleaning cloth
  • Cables 1 x USB-C, 2 x DisplayPort, 2 x mini-DisplayPort, 1 x USB-A.

Please note that the box does not include the SteamVR™ base stations or controllers. They need to be purchased separately.

Varjo Software & Support service

Varjo Software & Support is designed to ensure our enterprise users get the headset up and running successfully and maximize the value of their device. The service will accompany all VR-2 Pro purchases (€995,00), and it is offered for a minimum of one year. The service can be extended after the first year to continue getting premium business support service and our latest software updates. 


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Introducing Varjo Base.

Varjo Base is the companion software needed to run and manage the Varjo headset on your workstation. Varjo Base allows you to get things done more efficiently, with powerful features in key areas like first-time guidance, managing the user experience, presenting to others, running diagnostics and utilizing eye tracking, and developing for the headset. We are continuously introducing new features and improvements into our software based on customer feedback.


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Varjo VR-2 Pro is available for purchase and shipping to 35 countries across Europe, North America and Japan in 6–8 weeks. For business use only. Varjo Software & Support service (€995) will be added to the price of all VR-2 Pro purchases.


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