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Get to Know the New VR/XR Software Features in Varjo Base 3.7

The latest major update to Varjo Base raises the bar for usability and feature scope in the industry’s most versatile, powerful, and intuitive companion software for advanced VR and XR usage

Learn more about the latest improvements to the UX, eye tracking parameters, graphics API support, and more below.

What’s new in Varjo Base 3.7?

Amongst a range of bug fixes and stability improvements, this new update introduces a brand-new parameter for eye-tracking, support for the Vulkan graphics API, and improvements to the overall user experience.

    • Optimized default brightness settings for Varjo Aero
  • Usability improvements to the Varjo Base UI
  • New Vulkan graphics API support
  • Updates to integrated Ultraleap hand tracking
  • Keyboard input and Valve Index controller support for Varjo Reality Cloud
  • Bug fixes and general stability improvements 

See the full release notes, or take a closer look at some of the new features below.

Optimized brightness settings for Varjo Aero

Brightness settings for the Varjo Aero have now been adjusted to provide optimal presentation of VR content out-of-the-box, based on real user feedback from the Varjo community, and extensive internal testing.

With a new default setting in Varjo Base, the Aero will now start at a level of 60% brightness, allowing for better contrast, black level perception, and readability from the get-go.

Varjo Aero: Distortion Fix Available in 3.5

Improved Varjo Base user experience

Varjo Base is now more intuitive than ever before. An all-new dedicated SteamVR™ button allows you to launch the SteamVR™ pop-up directly from the Varjo Base UI, facilitating quicker access to room setup, controller pairing, and more.

Amongst other usability upgrades, the mixed reality camera settings for XR-3 users (ISO, white balance etc) have also been reordered to better match the logic of popular photo/video editing software.

Vulkan Graphics API support

Support for the Vulkan graphics API is now here, opening the path for more Varjo native interoperability with existing VR/XR applications that take advantage of the highly-popular cross-platform API, open standard for 3D graphics and computing.

Developers can take advantage of extensive control over how rendering commands are executed with Vulkan, enabling better performance, and ensuring compatibility with Varjo’s advanced VR/XR features.

Deeper eye tracking data

Varjo’s VR and XR headsets all feature integrated eye tracking technology and an all-new parameter has been introduced with Varjo Base 3.7. Adding to the existing roster of recorded data such as focus area and pupil dilation; users can now record ‘left and right eye openness factors.’

Measuring the changes in the eyelid’s position unlocks exciting new opportunities for research purposes and use cases such as wink and blink support for avatars in social VR experiences.

Hand tracking stability improvement

Varjo’s VR-3 and XR-3 headsets feature built-in Ultraleap hand tracking, enabling users to both see a representation of their hands in VR/XR experiences, as well as being able to gesture and interact with virtual objects in an intuitive and simulated tactile way.

Varjo Base 3.7 updates this feature with Ultraleap runtime version 5.1.32, further improving overall accuracy and stability.

New input methods for Varjo Reality Cloud

Varjo Reality Cloud, the world’s first remote rendering service that allows for immersive streaming up to human eye resolution VR and XR content, now has new support for keyboard control, hotkey usage, and adds the Valve Index VR controller to its list of supported peripherals.

Let us know what you think

We introduce new software features and improvements based on feedback from our customers, and we’d like to concentrate on the features that matter the most to our users. So, after giving the new Varjo Base a try, get in touch with us and tell us what you think. We warmly welcome all feedback and improvement suggestions.

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