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Teleport Engineer

At Varjo we create hardware and software experiences to fulfill our vision of immersive computing. The mixed reality experiences we are creating will empower each of us to be more creative and more productive.

We want to work with the best – we want you to join us. We are offering you an exciting position where you can see into the future and play your part in shaping it.

When we are done, computers will look nothing like what they do right now.

Job description

Our vision is to allow digital teleportation across space and time.  We digitize the real world around us in real-time and present it to remote users in VR, seamlessly combining virtual and physical spaces.  It all starts with a device capable of imaging its environment.  What follows is processing the various sensor data into understanding of the environment in the form of a continuously updating 3D model.  We are not done before this model is further transformed into a format that empowers applications, and streamed across the world. You can learn more about our vision and what we are doing right now at https://varjo.com/blog/varjo-reality-cloud/

We at Varjo are looking for a Teleport Engineer to join the team and start doing your magic with computer graphics and computer vision.  Specifically, we want you to work together with our engineers in building a real-time 3D model with depth and color cameras from multiple capture devices.

You are familiar with treating imperfect real world data to create and render either point cloud, voxel, surfel, mesh, impostor, or other relevant volumetric geometric representations while retaining high texture resolution.  You are not afraid of diving into the latest neural networks in this domain and integrating them.  You thrive in taking responsibility for a wide range of algorithms that no one has ever made before.  You are familiar with implementing your algorithms using GPU on latest architectures, and take pride in knowing they don't waste a single clock cycle.

You are acutely aware of recent developments in research and industry, and can shift your focus to stay ahead of the curve.  You are comfortable taking the lead in your domain and coming up with research avenues and solutions that support Teleport technology as a whole.  The engineers and designers you will be working with are world class in their own domain, we want you to aspire for the same.

This is a full-time position located in Helsinki, Finland. Even though our office is in Helsinki, it's possible to do your work remotely within the EU.  There is the occasional need to come to the office to evaluate various hardware, but apart from that you are free to choose where you work. 

If you're based somewhere else at the moment, we will also gladly help with relocating to Finland and make your move to the capital of the world's happiest and cleanest country as easy as possible.


  • Research, develop, implement and optimize algorithms and software solutions to solve complex computational vision and 3D reconstruction problems
  • Create code that is elegant and maintainable. It really ships to users.
  • Take accountability for solutions that are modular and testable. Have pride for building unit and regression testing to prove that your code and solutions truly work.
  • Work closely with hardware and other software engineering teams on tech selections and solutions.
  • When necessary debug, optimize and aspire to make things pixel-perfect. Be willing to spend time in making things truly amazing, not just great.


  • Hands-on experience in one or more of the following areas: RGB-D 3D reconstruction, view synthesis, photogrammetry, neural radiance fields, high-performance and low-latency computer vision and graphics pipelines
  • Familiarity with scene representations such as point clouds, voxels, surfels, SDFs, impostors, NeRFs, and density volumes
  • Fluent in C/C++ with over 4 years of experience as primary CPU language
  • You speak GPU.  Compute shaders, CUDA, OpenCL, or relevant GPU language
  • Track record of shipping working code and solutions based on your contributions
  • Team player, ability to perform in cross functional teams and to share knowledge to others
  • Good communication skills in English

We offer

  • The possibility to see into the future of computing by taking part in creating the new state of art in mixed reality experiences
  • A startup culture with minimal bureaucracy and maximum opportunity for you to take charge of your work
  • The possibility to select the tools and methods you want to use to do your job effectively
  • Competitive salary and reward plan to share the success
  • Premium employee medical coverage with life insurance and disability benefits
  • Office located right in the middle of downtown Helsinki

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This role will be filled as soon as the suitable candidate will be found. Candidates with a suitable combination of education, training and experience are encouraged to apply.



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Business customers have access to our full product range.


Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.