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Join Varjo at I/ITSEC 2019

Come and meet Varjo and our partners in Booth 1393 at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida, on December 2–5 2019 to learn the latest about using VR/XR HMD devices in training and simulations.


Experience the most advanced VR/XR devices for training

Combined with Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS Blue IG, the VR-2 and VR-2 Pro enable a high-fidelity yet affordable visual system supporting human-eye resolution which is unprecedented in the industry today. And with the integrated hand tracking in VR-2 Pro, trainees can now intuitively interact with VR content.

– Pete Morrison, BISim’s Chief Commercial Officer


Using the integrated eye tracking function in the Varjo headset, it’s now possible to analyze the pilot’s eye movements and, during a debrief, really get down to the points where they are looking and why they are looking where they’re looking…[These headsets] will be a real game changer in the industry.

Tobias Olsson, Head of Tactical Simulation and Visualization, Saab AB

Together with Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Flight Safety and HTX Labs, Varjo is showcasing for the first time in this industry our VR-2 virtual reality headset with integrated eye tracking, VR-2 Pro HMD with advanced hand and eye tracking, and XR-1 Developer Edition, our mixed reality video pass-through HMD, at I/ITSEC 2019 on December 2-5 in Booth 1393.

Learn how you can benefit from the most advanced VR/XR technology in training & simulation:

  • Move your training to human-eye resolution VR. The VR-2 and VR-2 Pro deliver the most natural experience needed for tactical training and simulation, enabling pilots to read the finest of cockpit text and to see other aircraft at realistic visibility ranges. The Varjo VR-2 Pro features integrated Ultraleap® hand tracking technology, which enables more intuitive interactions with the highest-fidelity VR content. This is especially impactful for professionals who interact with physical controllers and switches as part of their VR training.
  • Track eye movements precisely and accurately. With advanced 20/20 Eye Tracker™ technology, Varjo’s products give professionals access to precise eye data for detailed review and analysis.
  • Explore mixed reality training in ultra-high visual fidelity. Be sure to check out the world’s first photorealistic mixed reality HMD with real-time video pass-through – Varjo’s XR-1 Developer Edition. The XR-1 Developer Edition enables professionals in simulation and training to develop and interact with photorealistic 3D models while collaborating with others in real life. And, they can switch seamlessly between XR and full VR – bringing the benefits of both worlds into one device.


Varjo HMDs are also demonstrated at various partner booths, including:

  • Lockheed Martin @ booth 1748
    Featuring both VR and XR applications created using Prepard3D. Virtual reality solutions will be displayed on the VR-2 and a mixed reality F-35 will be demonstrated using the XR-1.
  • BI Simulations and CM Labs @ booth 2534
    Bohemia will have a full up AH-64 Apache cockpit based XR solution that enables the pilot and co-pilot to interact with the physical cockpit while immersed in a synthetic environment generated by VBS-Blue IG driving two Varjo XR-1 HMDs.
  • Flight Safety @ booth 1401
    Showcasing a T-6 based mixed reality training system that leverages Varjo’s XR-1 mixed reality HMD.
  • Aechelon @ booth 1722
    Demonstrating a VR solution featuring their PC-Nova high-performance image generation system driving Varjo’s VR-2.
  • Vertex Solutions @ booth 2556
    Showing a variety of VR demos highlighting the work with Air Force Special Operations Command where they have developed and fielded a checklist trainer. Using the hand tracking capabilities offered by the Varjo VR-2 Pro, trainees will be able to read the text on the cockpits.
  • Ryan Aerospace & Precision Flight Controls on booth #413
    An Australian simulation company that has been developing helicopter simulators for the US Army and US Navy. They will be showing an upgraded version of their helicopter simulator using a Varjo HMD and BISIM’s VBS-Blue IG.
  • Presagis @ booth 2848
    Featuring a mixed reality helicopter simulator using their Vega Prime software driving the Varjo XR-1.
  • SimBlocks: See a live demonstration on December 3 @ 4:00pm at the LaunchPad event in booth 793
  • HTX Labs @ booth 1392
    Demonstrating their Virtual Reality Training platform on Varjo’s VR-1

And, be sure to check out our reseller booths offering unique hardware and software solutions with Varjo’s full range of VR and XR products:


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