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Transforming the Way Professionals Invent, Design and Power Experiences with ProVR

Aerospace engineers only get one opportunity to send an astronaut into space and, similarly, surgeons only get one chance to perform a highly-invasive, risky procedure – and to do either of those tasks requires an extensive amount of training and expertise. However, the way we hone those skills today is changing.

Guest post by Mike Leach, AI, AR & VR Solution Portfolio Manager at Lenovo

This post was originally published on the Lenovo StoryHub

With ProVR, professionals blend high-fidelity virtual content with the real world for a truly immersive environment, allowing them to realistically learn, create and test their designs – from reading the fine print on a virtual dashboard to walking around their latest design with simply their eyes as a guide.

Blending high-fidelity virtual content with the real world

The model is shifting from investing immense amounts of time and money in traditional training and research, towards new and immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (XR), and businesses are seeing a strong return of investment.

While it was once confined to a limited number of viewing platforms, VR is now accessible to all – whether it’s via a tethered HMD, smartphone or VR cave – but not all experiences are created equal. While these are methods of VR consumption that consumers are looking for, professional VR (ProVR) and XR are driving a monumental shift in the enterprise usage of immersive technologies by offering an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy.

Towards maximum productivity

Varjo, a leader in industrial-grade VR/XR headsets, is collaborating with Lenovo to accelerate this new reality with the world’s only human-eye resolution VR and XR products and Lenovo’s “Certified for Varjo” desktop and mobile workstation configurations. Now, professionals in the most demanding industries are able to work together on a true one-to-one scale for maximum productivity.

With Varjo’s sophisticated solutions, professionals can do everything from designing and modifying 3D models to training in photorealistic environments and creating limitless research scenarios with pixel-perfect clarity.

Varjo’s certified HMDs also allow users across industrial design, modelling and prototype processes to take full advantage of VR and XR as part of their existing workflow and experience the benefits of faster turnarounds and massive savings in time, work and development costs.

This immersive content was created by HTX Labs in collaboration with the US Air Force to support emergency procedure training for pilots. Find more information at

Radically faster 2D/3D workflows

Transforming Professional Work with VR and XR

“Varjo Workspace greatly expands the value of mixed reality for professionals by enabling immediate iterations and radically faster 2D/3D workflows. Now, combined with the power of Lenovo’s “Certified for Varjo” workstations, professionals in design, engineering and simulation can work within an immersive VR/XR environment – experiencing and modifying their 3D models without ever taking off their headset,” says Urho Konttori, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Varjo.

Not only that, the Varjo XR-3 combined with Varjo Workspace and Lenovo’s best-in-class hardware and software are driving completely new levels of innovation and productivity in the workplace. For the first time, users can combine 2D and 3D experiences to fully work within VR, manipulate 3D models and explore changes in real time – enabling them to present ideas in unforeseen ways.

To deliver this low-latency, high-fidelity experience in professional applications of VR/XR, it’s imperative to have the hardware to power that level of experience. For this, Varjo relies on the processing and compute power delivered by Lenovo’s unique configurations of its high-performance desktop and mobile workstations. This combination of world-leading professional VR/XR products with Lenovo’s high-performance certification enables enterprise organizations to adopt and implement the highest-quality VR use cases flawlessly and efficiently.

Lenovo’s “Certified for Varjo” workstation configurations also come equipped with the latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional GPUs – delivering ultimate enterprise power, performance and functionality to create the most visually accurate and compelling VR/XR experience.

Providing ISV certifications and mission-critical reliability, Quadro RTX GPUs ensure creative and engineering experts can “dial up the detail,” leveraging large, complex geometry, detailed textures and rich lighting – accessible only through increased graphical and workstation processing power.

Supporting the highest-end professional use cases

High-end enterprise VR /XR use cases, such as photoreal automotive design, medical volume visualization, and combat readiness training require high-fidelity, accurate models – and all of that data resides on the Quadro GPU to maintain VR framerates.

Built to support enterprise workloads, Quadro RTX GPUs can scale up to 24GB and even 48GB of memory.  This means designers and surgeons can see the full complexity of their data without any time-consuming pre-processing or coarse approximations.

“With ‘Certified for Varjo’ workstation configurations powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs, Lenovo and Varjo are arming the next generation of professionals with the highest levels of power to design and create in human-eye resolution,” said David Weinstein, NVIDIA Director of XR.

Visualize medical data in human-eye resolution 3D, reduce cognitive load in education, and achieve better and safer training results with immersive simulations. Copyright: Lenovo and Horizon Productions.
transforming Professional Work with VR and XR
Transforming Professional Work with VR and XR – Varjo and Lenovo

Learn more about the revolutionary partnership

To learn more about how Lenovo and Varjo are driving the next spatial computing evolution for enterprises, click here.

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