The problem is clear

The resolution of VR devices on the market today is just 1/100 of what the average human eye can see. People with vision that poor aren’t even allowed to drive a car in the real world.

So is the solution

Varjo’s patented Bionic Display™ mimics the complex characteristics of the human eye to let you see things in the virtual world just as clearly as you see them in the real world.

Bionic Display™

We’re propelling VR ten years into the future. By looking millions of years into the past.

Bionic Display™ lets you see VR as clearly as you see the real world because it works just like the human eye does.

When you look around the real world, your eyes focus in on a small part of the big picture. That’s where the highest and most intense resolution is. You can see what’s happening in the periphery, but your focus is on what’s right in front of your eyes.

By tracking your eyes in real-time, Bionic Display™ delivers a flawless and completely accurate image that far surpasses anything on the market today.

Bionic Display™

Bionic Display™ mimics how your eyes naturally work to let you see virtual reality as clearly as you see the rest of reality.

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