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Webinar: How Mixed Reality Simulation Enables Immersive Maritime Training for High-Risk Operations

Join Varjo, with Varcus and Reval to discover how mixed reality immersive simulations are changing the game for maritime operations training.

We explore how they created a certified immersive training solution for high-risk scenarios, highlighting the value of immersive simulation, plus challenges and learnings along the way.


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Discover how immersive simulation is creating new ways to safely train for high-risk maritime operations.

Your Hosts:

Tanel Hinno
Chairman Of The Supervisory Board
Reval Marine & Offshore Training

Oleg Tsurikov
Chief Technology Officer
VARCUS Solutions

Markus Heinonen
Vertical Lead – Training & Simulation, EMEA/APAC
Varjo Technologies

Join Varjo as we host Varcus and Reval for a 1-hour webinar sharing their story on creating a certified immersive training solution for maritime operations using Varjo mixed reality. You’ll learn:

  • How this unique immersive solution came together.
  • What it took to gain buy-in from industry leaders and certifying authorities.
  • Why immersive training is so valuable to maritime operations.
  • Key successes and challenges faced while developing the program.
  • What’s next for mixed reality simulation in the maritime industry.


Discover how professionals are using Varjo virtual and mixed reality for safety-critical operations and training.

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