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Webinar on Demand: Critical Event Response - Loma Linda University Leverages Mixed Reality Simulation for Medical Training

Learn how Loma Linda University Health is leveraging mixed reality immersive simulations with Varjo XR-3 to better educate, prepare and evaluate readiness for medical trainees.

You’ll hear details of the implementation from concept to execution, as well as successes and challenges faced while developing this unique program.


Discover how immersive simulation is creating new learning opportunities in medical training.

Your Hosts:

Dustin Smith
Medical Director,
Medical Simulation Center
Loma Linda University

Luis Luna
Software Developer
Loma Linda University

Geoff Bund
Head of Business Development, North America
Varjo Technologies

Ryan Haglund
Supervisor of Educational Game Development
Loma Linda University

Critical Event Response Week is a requirement for all of Loma Linda University's graduating medical students. It was implemented to better educate, prepare and evaluate trainee readiness. More than 400 students participated in 2021.

The ARISE project was implemented as part of this week to build and execute a team-based mixed reality triage exercise. Learn how the the ARISE project was developed from concept to execution. We’ll share:

  • How the project was developed to align with educational objectives.
  • What hardware and software were used to power and run the simulation.
  • Demonstration of the triage simulation exercise in action.
  • Notable outcomes that resulted from the use of mixed reality.
  • Successes and challenges faced while developing the program.




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Varjo: Virtual reality (VR) for medical training

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With true-to-life VR and XR, medical personnel can prepare and train for the most challenging real-life scenarios. They can interact and collaborate with real colleagues, all while being fully immersed in a photorealistic virtual environment.

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