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VR Hand Tracking

Webinar on Demand: Insight Session - Enabling Intuitive Interaction in VR/XR with Hand Tracking

Varjo and Ultraleap together walk you through how to enable controller-free interactions in VR and XR for more intuitive immersive experiences.


Discover how integrated hand tracking enables a new world of intuitive immersive experiences

Your hosts:

Kemi Jacobs
Senior QA Engineer

Chris Burgess
XR Product Manager

Max Palmer
Principal Software Architect,
XR Team

Ferhat Sen
Solutions Engineer

Jussi Karhu
Integrations Engineer

Watch on demand to hear technical experts from Varjo and our partner Ultraleap as we’ll walk through how to leverage Varjo’s integrated hand tracking – powered by Ultraleap Gemini – to gain more intuitive interactions in virtual reality and mixed reality. Sign up below to get the recording directly to your inbox.

In this 1-hour live insight session, you will learn:

  • What integrated hand tracking is, and how it works
  • Why hand tracking removes barriers to entry in virtual and mixed reality
  • How to enable this technology for your workflows
  • Practical walk-throughs of setting VR/XR based hand tracking up for your simulations, education, and training demos
  • Example use cases where hand tracking in VR/XR can have a significant impact


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