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Neuroscience and XR

Insight Session: Bridging Neuroscience and XR for Superpowering the Human Experience

Join Varjo and OpenBCI experts to learn about the combined power of biosensors and extended reality technology for real-life applications such as research, simulation, and even gaming. 


Originally aired:
25 January 2023

Discover how the science fiction dream of merging mind and machine is becoming a reality


Conor Russomanno
Co-Founder and CEO

Eva Esteban
Embedded Software Engineer

Urho Konttori
Co-Founder and CTO


Watch this 1-hour insight session on neuroscience and XR, streamed live from the Varjo HQ in Helsinki, to discover:

  • What brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are and how they work 
  • What kind of synchronized data can be collected from the body by using head-mounted displays 
  • Why extended reality technologies and biosensors are a powerful combination 
  • How OpenBCI’s Galea bridges virtual reality and mixed reality with neurotechnology in a single device 
  • How to start utilizing these technologies already today in your real-life applications, such as research, training and simulation, and entertainment 


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Neuroscience and XR
Neuroscience and XR are a powerful combination for researchers and other innovators. With extended reality and biosensors, the science fiction dream of merging the mind and the machine is becoming a reality.


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