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Varjo support in DCS

January 26, 2022
by Marcus Olsson, Head of Software Partnerships, Varjo
Flight Sim

Varjo customers that are using Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) for flight simulation are now able to enjoy the high-resolution multi-view rendering capabilities of the Varjo system. This enables increased details in a fixed area in the center of the field of view.

The function is currently available for Varjo’s industry-leading headsets. In order to enable support for Varjo VR / XR headsets, the user needs to get the latest version of DCS OpenBeta, and use the following command while starting DCS:

dcs.exe --force_varjo_VR

In future versions, DCS will automatically detect the Varjo headset and enable the support. Please note that this DCS VR support is a beta release so the quality of the integration may not reflect the final release.

If you have any questions to our team about this beta release, reach out to our team.

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