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Varjo at I/ITSEC 2023: Forging a New Era in VR/XR Training and Simulation

January 19, 2024
Training and Simulation

In late November 2023, we were honored to introduce our new generation of devices, the Varjo XR-4 Series, to the global training and simulation community at I/ITSEC 2023, the world’s largest annual training and simulation event held in Orlando, Florida. The response to the new devices was overwhelmingly positive throughout the exhibition, with a tremendous surge of interest at Varjo’s booth from event visitors on all event days.

For a closer look at the transformative impact of Varjo’s VR/XR advancements in the industry, watch our showreel featuring insights from training and simulation industry leaders.

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Dive into the experiences and testimonials of Varjo partners at the forefront of VR/XR training and simulation.

Varjo’s booth at I/ITSEC included several demonstrations with the new XR-4 devices for versatile use cases. Visitors to the booth got to experience a mixed reality H1 rotary-wing pilot trainer by Veraxx and Aechelon, a highly immersive and interactive JTAC trainer in chromakey mixed reality by Immersive Display Solutions, and an XR fixed-wing pilot trainer in a visually stunning real-life cockpit by Dogfight Boss, Precision Flight Controls, and Metrea.

From HTX Labs, the booth included a demo of the VR maintenance training platform, EMPACT, that enables learners to quickly develop, share, track, and maintain immersive training programs at scale regardless of time or place.

You can see these booth demonstrations in action and more in this showreel video.


“To have a 50% more field of view, it feels like real life, that you are almost not wearing the headset.”

Lukas Homola - CEO & Founder, Dogfight Boss

Varjo dominates the show floor

Varjo’s presence was strongly felt across the I/ITSEC show floor, as Varjo headsets were featured at over 45 partner booths at the exhibition. This notable count of Varjo partners marked our most significant presence to date, emphasizing the sector’s increasing adoption and recognition of Varjo as a leader in high-resolution HMDs for training simulations. Just five years ago, Varjo was present at only two booths, including our own. The progression is impressive, with the number of booths featuring Varjo headsets expanding from our first year to 12, then 20+ in 2021, nearly 40 in 2022, and now surpassing 45.

Varjo partners’ booth demonstrations showcased a wide range of training simulations for different use cases. Historically, Varjo devices have primarily been associated with excelling at flight simulations, but one of the great things to see at this year’s event was the diversification and notable expansion in their usage, encompassing new use cases in maintenance, JTAC, command and control, and various drone simulations.

See full list of 2023 I/ITSEC Varjo partners


“Immersion is the holy grail for pilots because it provides better training value by driving the right psychological effect. ”



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