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Varjo XR-4 Series Powers Ultimate Mixed Reality with NVIDIA

By utilizing NVIDIA’s RTX technology to build support for NVIDIA Omniverse, Varjo continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with real-time 3D graphics.

Since the very beginning of Varjo’s journey, our aim has been to ensure that our products are taking advantage of the most powerful GPUs available. That’s why Varjo headsets are optimized to perform best with NVIDIA’s GPUs like the RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics cards and the latest GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

However, our partnership with NVIDIA extends beyond just hardware compatibility. Over the past year, Varjo and NVIDIA have worked closely together to integrate support for NVIDIA Omniverse. Omniverse represents a revolutionary platform for connecting complex 3D pipelines and developing applications based on OpenUSD. Since the introduction of Varjo’s Omniverse support in August 2023, this collaboration is reshaping the landscape of real-time 3D graphics, making the utilization of ray-tracing in industrial mixed reality applications both streamlined and transformative.

NVIDIA’s Senior Director of Virtual and Augmented Reality, David Weinstein, had the opportunity to experience the new Varjo XR-4 Series ahead of launch. The XR-4 Series allows developers and industrial users to render photorealistic scenes and ray tracing in mixed reality. The combined technologies dwarf the computational power that can be achieved with a mobile chip and are a game-changer for developers. Weinstein shared his excitement about the future of mixed reality with these advancements, emphasizing the importance of precise reflections, shadows, and light propagation in immersive experiences.

Hear what he has to share about his first experiences with the Varjo XR-4 Series in the video.

“The Varjo XR-4 Series delivers a combination of ultra-wide field of view and visual fidelity that feels completely natural and fully immersive.”

David Weinstein - Sr. Director of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at NVIDIA

Enhance Immersive Experiences with the New Varjo XR-4 Series Headsets, Powered by NVIDIA

Read NVIDIA’s blog to learn more about how developers and enterprises can deploy lifelike virtual and mixed reality experiences with Varjo  XR-4 Series  integrated with NVIDIA technologies.

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