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Varjo Unveils Support for NVIDIA Omniverse for Real-Time Ray Tracing in Human-Eye Resolution

Varjo support for NVIDIA Omniverse provides mixed reality developers and users access to leading XR capabilities within their USD pipelines and applications.

August 8th, 2023 – Los Angeles, USA – Varjo is combining mixed reality and immersive visuals with NVIDIA Omniverse — a platform for developing unified 3D workflows and Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD)-based applications — unlocking high-fidelity photorealism and real-time ray-tracing capabilities for XR developers and users. New NVIDIA Omniverse features and tools, announced at SIGGRAPH 2023, bring various new improvements, including OpenXR support, to advanced virtual reality and mixed reality developers.

“Real-time ray tracing is the holy grail of 3D visualization,” explains Marcus Olsson, Director of Software Partnerships at Varjo. “Graphical and computing demands made it impossible to ray trace true-to-life scenes like these in high-resolution VR until now. With support for NVIDIA Omniverse, mixed reality developers and users will have the ability to render photorealistic scenes in Varjo XR-3 and unlock ray tracing in mixed reality. The rendering pipeline was built to scale well on NVIDIA’s new powerful multi-GPU setups. The combination of Varjo’s human-eye resolution hardware with the Omniverse platform’s ray-tracing capabilities and next-generation GPUs is a game-changer for mixed reality developers in design, engineering, entertainment, and virtual collaboration.”

“A game-changer for mixed reality developers in design, engineering, entertainment, and virtual collaboration.”

– Marcus Olsson, Director of Software Partnerships at Varjo

Unparalleled visual fidelity

With NVIDIA Omniverse and Varjo’s human-eye resolution XR headsets, developers can fully ray trace massive, complex, full-fidelity mixed reality data sets with millions of polygons, physical materials, and accurate lighting. Individuals and teams can experience the data sets in an immersive environment without requiring additional time for data preparation.

The latest release of NVIDIA Omniverse will support the retinal resolution Quad View rendering for the Varjo XR-3, the industry’s highest-fidelity mixed reality headset with over 60 pixels per degree (PPD) resolution. The renderer produces two high-resolution views and two lower-resolution views, which are then composited by the Varjo XR-3 device to provide users with unparalleled fidelity and immersion.

Teams seeking to leverage retinal resolution Quad View rendering can now use a multi-GPU setup with NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs. This setup renders a staggering 15 million pixels, elevating immersive experiences to new levels of visual fidelity.

Car designers among the first users

The combination of Varjo XR-3 and NVIDIA Omniverse was first demonstrated at Augmented World Expo in June 2023. In a presentation with leading car manufacturer General Motors (GM), Varjo — in collaboration with NVIDIA — showcased how this advancement in mixed reality visualization allows the design team at GM to experience their design assets with ultimate realism, reducing friction and increasing iteration speeds.

To learn more about Varjo support for NVIDIA Omniverse, head to the NVIDIA Technical Blog or contact Varjo’s expert team.

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