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Collaborative Mixed Reality for Professionals

Supercharge virtual collaboration with Varjo & MeetinVR's bundle offer

Varjo and MeetinVR are introducing a bundle offer of the most advanced virtual collaboration tool with unmatched human-eye resolution visual fidelity, supercharging virtual meetings for enterprises.

Collaborate in mixed reality with photorealistic 3D models

Remote working is becoming the new normal and the need to to virtually collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners around the world is business critical.

With Varjo and MeetinVR, remote team members can explore and interact with the same photorealistic virtual model of a Volvo car.

This demo video shows authentic and unmodified footage of Varjo mixed reality headset using MeetinVR’s dedicated build for Varjo. In this meeting, Varjo team members in Helsinki meet with MeetinVR’s remote participants in Denmark using Varjo headsets.

Varjo’s photorealistic pass-through mixed reality gives users the ability to see reflections and shadows from their 3D models, as well as explore the smallest details within their designs in a mixed reality environment. This creates an authentic collaborative experience among meeting participants with the ability to bring in their 2D documents and files to further enhance their interactivity – including presentations, notes and videos.

Pair Varjo's human-eye resolution with MeetinVR’s enterprise-grade software

“Varjo’s photorealistic resolution gives users the ability to see reflections and shadows of their 3D models, as well as read text, all of which create a realistic experience for collaboration amongst meeting participants.”

– Cristian Emanuel Anton, CEO of MeetinVR

Collaborate with your colleagues around key professional use cases including the remote sales of high value products such as medical machinery or new vehicles, the launch of new products, and the delivery of remote training to distributed teams.


Key features include:

Humane and easy-to-use collaboration

With custom avatars, hand shakes, body language, lip-sync and 3D spatial sound for conversations

Content persistent meeting rooms

Enabling all shared content to be saved and available when re-entering the meeting room

Record your collaboration session

Record directly from MeetinVR software by using up to 5 virtual cameras

Import 3D assets

Additional service provided by MeetinVR

Purchase any Varjo headset and get 6 months of MeetinVR for free for 5 users

MeetinVR offers a 6-month free trial for all enterprise users who purchase a Varjo headset from May 27th 2020 until November 30th, 2020. The free trial is for up to five individual users in the company. You will receive the MeetinVR promo code via email after your headset purchase, regardless of whether you buy directly from Varjo or through one of our resellers.

Instructions on how to activate your 6-month MeetinVR trial can be found on the MeetinVR website.



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