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Get to Know the New VR/XR Software Features in Varjo Base 4.1 (Beta)

The latest Beta release of Varjo Base enhances the user experience of  Varjo XR-4 Series headsets, introducing upgrades to the inside-out tracking, a boost to the performance passthrough, and more. Please note Varjo Base 4.1 (Beta) is intended for Varjo XR-4 Series users only.

What’s new in Varjo Base 4.1 (Beta)?

Varjo Base is the industry’s most versatile, powerful, and intuitive companion software for advanced VR and XR usage. The latest update 4.1 (Beta) is now available to download via the account portal.

Varjo Base 4.1 (Beta) is the second and final major release of the Beta phase for Varjo XR-4 series users. The next release, Varjo Base 4.2, marks the end of the Beta phase and will contain the most significant user experience upgrades. The 4.2 release is scheduled for the end of March and more details can be found here.

Please note that Varjo Base 4.1 (Beta) is intended for Varjo XR-4 Series users only. Those using previous generation devices (XR-3, VR-3, Aero) are recommended to continue using Varjo Base 3.10.3.

  • Positional tracking accuracy of the headset and controllers is increased in general and jitter and sway have been reduced.
  •  Inside-out tracking has been further optimized for use in both office and cockpit based simulator environments.
  • Users can now choose to use the downwards facing integrated inside out cameras to further improve the tracking experience in cockpit simulators.
  • The room setup process is preserved between sessions.
  • Passthrough performance is upgraded, with faster and more accurate foveation that is no longer restricted to a central area of the display.
  • Hand tracking is now available with official support for the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Bundle (featuring the Leap Motion Controller 2.)

Inside-out tracking opimizations

Varjo Base 4.1 (Beta) improves the inside-out tracking accuracy for users of the all-new XR-4 Series. Tracking performance, for the headset and Varjo controllers, has been improved with significant reductions in jitter and sway.

Focusing on the most common usage environments, the tracking has also been further optimized for use in office spaces, studios, and seated cockpit simulators.

To improve the cockpit experience in particular, users can now use the companion Beta tool to alter the headset’s integrated inside-out camera behaviour to enable an enhanced tracking experience.

Read the full release notes>

Passthrough performance boost

The passthrough in the XR-4 Series provides an enhanced experience by focusing the clearest part of the real-time video feed of the real world where the user is looking, thanks to the built-in eye-tracking cameras.

To improve the responsiveness of this foveation feature, Varjo Base 4.1 Beta has made the focused area adapt quicker to the user’s changing gaze direction and allows it to reach to the vertical edges of the viewing field, rather than being confined to the middle.

Significant enhancements are also anticipated in the next Varjo Base update (4.2), aimed at boosting the passthrough’s visual fidelity, including better color accuracy and reduced noise. More information about the upcoming 4.2 can be found here.

Read more in the full release notes

Hand tracking now available

Hand tracking is now available for all XR-4 Series headsets through the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Bundle (available for purchase), which comes with a Leap Motion Controller 2 and a mounting bracket for the headset.

With the introduction of Varjo Base 4.1, this add-on is fully supported, enabling users to track their hands and interact with virtual content in a natural and lifelike way within compatible software applications.

For further details on enabling hand tracking for the XR-4 Series, please reach out to the Varjo team.
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Varjo XR-4 Series - Most advanced mixed reality headset
Varjo Base 4.2

What's next?

The next version of Varjo Base, expected at the end of March, marks the end of the Beta period and the official release of software support for the all-new Varjo XR-4 Series. Bimonthly updates will then continue to come to improve features, stability, and software support long into the future.

Varjo Base 4.2 is a major release, and will introduce a comprehensive upgrade to the user experience of the headsets. Highlights of the forecasted enhancements include;

  • Passthrough quality – A significantly higher visual clarity for the passthrough, including a larger and more responsive focus area, improved sharpness and colour, and reduced noise.
  • Inside-out tracking performance – Unlocking the concurrent use of all four tracking cameras for tracking will facilitate highly accurate and stable headset tracking.
  • Controller performance –  Tracking of the Varjo Controllers will also improve and benefit from an extended vertical range.
  • Much more – Added features, enhanced stability, and performance increases across the board, coupled with support for a wider range of tethered PCs.

Let us know what you think

To delve deeper into this Beta release and learn about all of the new features, additions, and fixes, please take a look at the full release notes.

We introduce new software features and improvements based on feedback from our customers, and we’d like to concentrate on the features that matter the most to our users. So, after giving the new Varjo Base a try, get in touch with us and tell us what you think. We warmly welcome all feedback and improvement suggestions.

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