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E-Book: A Beginner's Guide to VR and XR for Medical and Healthcare

Want to train medical professionals remotely and cost-effectively? Need to simulate safety-critical or safe medical scenarios in a realistic way? How about visualizing complex human anatomy in three dimensions (3D) instead of two-dimensional imagery?

Join Varjo as we show you the most prominent medical industry examples to help you kickstart your journey with immersive technologies.

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Discover the possibilities VR and XR can unlock for the medical and healthcare industries.

Immersive technology can help medical personnel prepare and train for the most challenging real-life scenarios. With the advent of high-fidelity Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, advanced organizations are already experimenting with VR/AR/XR to gain a competitive advantage and establish an understanding of the potential of the technology for various applications. Currently, the most promising medical use cases include anatomy education, surgical simulation, 3D imaging, and healthcare workforce training. In addition, there have been positive early results in the therapeutic treatment of certain psychological disorders, such as PTSD, with the help of Virtual Reality technology.

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