Webinar on Demand: Where 3D Tech Provides Extreme ROI in AEC

Learn how 3D technologies can be leveraged to improve your project ROI by streamlining creative workflows, enhancing client reviews, and even evaluating project conditions.

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The Panelists

Brandon Turnage
Head of Create Sales – Americas
Varjo Technologies

Matthias Koksch
Director of Product Marketing – AEC

Arnaud Lezennec
Market Manager 3D Scanning

Ted Mort
Chief Innovation Officer





“My hope is that Varjo will revolutionize decision-making  and the whole process of delivering buildings. That’s the future. And with the Varjo device, that future is here now. It literally shows what the final product will look like. We can change anything in real-time.”

Salla Palos
Director of Emerging Technology and Innovation
Sellen Construction
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Anyone working with 3D-imaging technology has figured out that customers see the most value in the identification of existing conditions. This is also known as providing “as-built services,” where you use 3D-capture technology to identify the topographic, structural, architectural, and/or MEP conditions. Hosted and moderated by AEC Next, this panel of experts will discuss what it means to measure the value of such endeavors in these and other ways.