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Webinar: How to Leverage Virtual and Mixed Reality in the Courtroom

Join Varjo, Explico, and legal experts as we discuss how to leverage VR and mixed reality technologies in the forensic investigations of civil and criminal legal matters. The experts will discuss how to demonstrate and present fully-immersive and accurate forensic reconstructions, demonstrating what happened and helping to reach a resolution.


Originally aired:
21 June 2023

Discover how VR and mixed reality are reshaping the legal landscape today

Your Panelists

Brandon Turnage
Head of Federal and Enterprise Sales, Americas

Steve Rundell, PhD
Principal Engineer

Steve Arndt, PhD, CHFP
Principal and Co-CEO

Allison W. Weyand
Partner | Trial lawyer
Frost Brown Todd Associates

Legal matters involving accidents, failures and even serious crimes often hinge on whether one side can effectively communicate critical, complex issues to the jury. 3D animations have long since become an important tool in courtrooms because they can convey very complex issues in a compelling and understandable way, but they still have limitations.

This is where mixed reality comes in. XR can provide an immediate understanding of what a person may have observed, which can provide critical understanding to jurors when reaching a verdict. It is already revolutionizing how 3D scenes and animations are used in mediations, and it won’t be long before virtual and mixed reality headsets make their way to the courtroom.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how and why to leverage virtual and mixed reality technologies in the courtroom. There will be discussions of the admissibility and legal processes associated with bringing this technology into the courtroom.


Example use case: Explico has created a virtual reality reconstruction for a ladder accident, allowing an individual to use their own hands in order to navigate the scene.