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Augmented Reality Car

Webinar: Building the World's Most Versatile, Drivable Concept Car with Augmented and Mixed Reality

Varjo hosts Phiaro, and LP Research to explore a ground-breaking innovation in automotive design, prototyping, and testing.

The NGDP project brings together a cutting-edge chassis, in-motion tracking, and Varjo augmented and mixed reality headsets to radically redefine the speed and budget with which full-scale drivable vehicle designs can be put on a physical road.

Discover how car designers are taking concepts from screen to full-scale drivable models in record time.

Your Hosts:

Pratim Dutta
Innovation Strategist

Klaus Petersen, Ph.D

Marcus Olsson
Head of Software Partnerships

In this webinar, Varjo hosts Phiaro and LP Research to explore how they are radically redefining concept-to-prototype workflows in the automotive industry by creating full-scale immersive test-driving experiences.

Their project, with a working title of NGDP, enables designers to take car concepts from the screen to the road profoundly faster than ever before. Using a modular, modifiable chassis paired with in-motion tracking and Varjo mixed reality, Phiaro’s state-of-the-art solution creates a realistic first-person experience empowering on-the-fly iterations and realistic testing scenarios.

Learn why this revolutionary tool for automotive design is radically reducing costs, saving significant time on concept iterations, and increasing opportunity for rapid innovation.

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Learn more about using Varjo for automotive design

Varjo immerses you in the most natural augmented, mixed and virtual reality environments ever experienced.

Design teams around the world can come together in a photorealistic virtual space to showcase new concepts with true-to-life accuracy – discussing and iterating in real time. It’s a new era of unlimited creative potential that accelerates human imagination like never before.

Find out why Varjo products are already used by global automotive companies such as KIA Motors, Volvo Cars, Aston Martin.

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