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chroma key and marker tracking

Webinar On Demand: How to blend real and virtual seamlessly with new mixed reality features

In this webinar, we take you through the journey of the development of Varjo’s new real-time chroma key and marker tracking features for mixed reality.

Originally aired March 2020

Welcome to absolute immersion

Mixing real and virtual content into a seamless experience is one of the key challenges for developers. For Varjo’s mixed reality users, reprogramming reality just got effortless with our new real-time chroma key and marker tracking features.

In this webinar organized by Varjo’s top product experts, you have the opportunity to hear more about the pioneering mixed reality features and the problems our latest technology can solve. 

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Example use cases for chroma keying and marker tracking: 

Webinar hosts:

Urho Konttori
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Varjo

Ville Timonen
Mixed Reality Lead at Varjo

Saku Tiainen
Mixed Reality Developer at Varjo


  • In flight simulators, you can place a green canvas around the physical cockpit and fly in a synthetic environment
  • Multi-user training scenarios where it is possible to interact with co-pilots or other colleagues, hand out tools and other equipment
  • For designers and engineers, chroma keying makes conducting design reviews of future products possible in real scale
  • Rapid product design visualizations where a 3D printed object can be dressed in various designs with the click of a button, enabling intuitive interactions with virtual products
  • Visual marker-based object tracking anchors virtual objects exactly where they want them in their surroundings

In the 45-minute webinar, Varjo’s co-founder Urho Konttori and our top R&D shared the story behind the software development and give concrete tips on how to utilize the latest technology.

Originally aired March 2020




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