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Mixed Reality medical training

Webinar: How to Leverage Mixed Reality for Medical Simulation and Training

Join Varjo and Real Response to explore how mixed reality can power medical simulation training in civilian and defence programs today. Hear from a customer at Royal Australian Air Force on how they’re utilizing XR in aeromedical training.

This free-of-charge webinar streamed live on August 31st, 2023. You can now watch it on demand.



Learn how XR is revolutionizing medical simulations for the Royal Australian Air Force

Mixed Reality medical training

Expert Panelists

Markus Heinonen
Account Executive, Varjo

Ben Krynski
Co-Founder of Real Response

Flight Lieutenant Ben James
Chief Instructor, Health Operational Conversion Unit, Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF

Dale Linegar
CTO, Real Response

Nyasha Mbaya
Head of Software Engineering, Real Response

Delve into the practical aspects of integrating mixed reality into aeromedical education. Discover how Real Response are utilizing XR to support training at the juncture of hard to access locations, fine motor skills and medical training. Register now below.

In this session, we discuss the evolution of immersive medical simulation training, what is required from the technical standpoint, and offer an insider’s look into a customer case example from the Royal Australian Air Force on how their medical teams train today using innovative mixed reality solutions.

The webinar also sheds light on Real Response’s partnership with Garmin and how they pull in real-time stress metrics and data into mission control, providing medical educators with tangible feedback on trainee performance under pressure.

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