The accuracy and high resolution of VR-1 is going to amaze our customers

Mohsen Rezayat, Chief Solutions Architect, Siemens PLM

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The ability to see every detail is crucial in engineering.

For engineers working and training with large, complex industrial models, the ability to see every detail is critical. For Mohsen Rezayat, Chief Solutions Architect at Siemens PLM, VR-1 delivers the visual fidelity they need to work effectively in VR.


Human-eye resolution VR saves Siemens customers time, effort and money.

1. Industrial models are large and extremely complex. The poor resolution of VR devices has made it impossible to move design, modelling, maintenance, training and other processes to a virtual environment. VR-1 delivers the human-eye resolution needed to see and interact with even the smallest objects and details.

2. The ability to see and interact with unbuilt industrial objects and spaces in human-eye resolution saves time and money spent on traditional engineering processes, allowing constructability, installation and safety issues to be addressed before they happen.

“The more realistic you can get, the more effective you are.”

Mohsen Rezayat - Chief Solutions Architect, Siemens PLM
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