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Virtual Reality Art Project Modules Launched by Maxim Zhestkov at Varjo HQ

virtual reality artMay 3, 2023 – Helsinki, Finland – Pioneering digital artist Maxim Zhestkov launched his VR art experience Modules at a physical event at the headquarters of the world’s leading VR company Varjo in Helsinki. Modules is an immersive virtual environment where architecture, sculpture, sound, film, and motion blend together to create an intense, interactive experience that welcomes viewers as co-creators. Exploring the limits of creativity in digital space, Maxim builds new worlds with unlimited material and new rules of physics. Having built a two-decade career producing digital art, Maxim’s work has adopted computer code as a visual language. Modules continues his research into the interaction between digital and real spaces.

The physical launch event offered a small audience a chance to experience the spaces of Modules with Varjo’s ‘retinal resolution’ VR headsets, cutting-edge technology used by astronauts, pilots, and car designers. In a conversation with Jussi Mäkinen, Chief Brand Officer of Varjo during the launch, Maxim highlighted the continuous potential of VR as a medium of cultural production — building new worlds and realities for the expression of human creativity.

Maxim Zhestkov says: “Modules is an experience that questions the established definitions of our world and reality. I see the future of digital art deeply intertwined with gaming experiences and new forms of immersive perception. VR brings these frontiers closer to us, and Modules is envisioned as a first step towards this transition.”

Jussi Mäkinen, Chief Brand Officer at Varjo, says: “Varjo is very proud to be the launch partner of the Modules project, offering the reference quality experience through our Varjo Aero headset and inviting the world to see the details, shadows, and sharpness of this masterpiece with technology that matches the bold vision behind it. Virtual reality is the new frontier of art and architecture, and we’re eager to explore its possibilities together with visionaries like Maxim.”

Modules is Zhestkov’s artistic playground, where he is able to refine his work with no end, challenging the limits of this medium. Modules will expand to contain Maxim Zhestkov’s entire body of work. Over the course of years, the project will grow as the artist grows, expanding into new territories and blurring the boundaries between art, games, and reality.

Modules is now available for access for free on Steam and Meta Quest 2. For those without VR glasses, the project can be viewed on a regular desktop computer and screen.

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