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Next Level Racing and Leading VR Company Varjo Collaborate to Create Truly Immersive Racing Simulators

Next Level Racing®’s leading product range of high-end cockpits, together with the outstanding visual fidelity of the Varjo Aero VR headset, are a combination that enables sim drivers to enjoy the best possible gaming experience.

Next Level Racing and Leading VR Company Varjo PartnerHelsinki, Finland – September 16, 2022 – The professional-grade VR/XR technology leader Varjo is excited to enter a collaboration with Next Level Racing®, the industry-leading racing simulator cockpit provider. The purpose of the collaboration is to combine innovation and quality to showcase highest-immersion racing experiences at industry events and engage with the global sim racing communities.

By pairing the Varjo Aero headset  with Next Level Racing®’s motion cockpits, racers are equipped with the leading gear needed for the ultimate immersive driving experience. With lifelike movements and the best visual immersion on the market, the driver can get even closer to the real race car feeling and improve their race craft.

“Varjo is one of the best manufacturers of virtual reality and mixed reality technology. It is exciting to partner with Varjo to bring a more immersive experience to sim racing. The goal of this collaboration is to ensure that we work together in the direction of growing the simulation industry for the sim racing and flight enthusiasts around the world,” says Kam Khadem, Head of Brand for Next Level Racing®.

“Next Level Racing is well known for their all-in-one aluminium cockpits used by racing professionals globally such as esports teams, race car drivers and sim racers seeking the ultimate performance. Collaborating with Next Level Racing shows the combined commitment between both companies to grow the sim racing community further and to create the best-of-the-best racing experience”, said Rune Huse Karlstad, Head of Racing Simulation at Varjo.

The first sim racing event where the joint setup will be showcased is PAX Australia in Melbourne on 7-9 October. Later this year, visitors of the ADAC Simracing Expo in Germany can try the ultimate immersive sim racing experience.

To learn more about the collaboration, make sure to join Varjo’s Discord and our Sim Racing Hardware channel to talk directly with racing sim experts from Varjo and Next Level Racing:

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About Next Level Racing®: 

Founded in 2009, Next Level Racing® is the World’s leading simulation brand revolutionizing simulation with its industry-leading product range. The clear focus of the award-winning brand lies in innovation and quality to meet the demanding need of sim racers and gamers. Next Level Racing® continues to lead the market with innovative designs and technology. As well as a strong presence and community partners in the global gaming industry, Next Level Racing® is an official PlayStation® licensee, official Global Sales Partner with Thrustmaster®, and official partner of Team Fordzilla, Ford Motor Company’s first eSports team. As a company, Next Level Racing® has pride in challenging the industry with world-class products and has a passionate and innovative global team that continues to push boundaries. The Next Level Racing® range of products is sold in more than 50 countries and stocked by major retailers around the world. For more information about Next Level Racing®, visit our website.

About Varjo:  

Varjo (pronounced var-yo) makes revolutionary VR/XR hardware and software that together allow you to see and experience virtual and augmented content just as clearly as you see the analog world around us. Our virtual and mixed reality products take you to another level of performance and emotional immersion – recreating the exact feeling and conditions of real life, allowing you to perform better and learn faster.

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