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Varjo Mixed Reality Now Supported by ESI’s Engineering & Manufacturing Software IC.IDO

IC.IDO, the industry-leading virtual reality engineering software developed by ESI Group, has added native support for Varjo’s mixed reality device XR-3. With IC.IDO and Varjo, engineers can radically improve their product and process reviews through use of pioneering video pass-through features.

August 30, 2022 – Engineers everywhere – your process validation workflows just got a major upgrade. IC.IDO software, developed by ESI Group, has added native support for Varjo’s industry-leading video pass-through mixed reality capabilities. With Varjo support in IC.IDO 16, engineers and designers can now perceive a seamless blend of the real world and virtual content. For instance, the combination of IC.IDO and Varjo XR-3 allows users to see their own hands and bodies as well as colleagues while exploring and interacting with virtual models or objects.

“The context of their own bodies in a virtual world is crucial for engineers to connect themselves to a virtual space and make the immersive experience feel realistic,” said Marcus Olsson, Director of Partnerships at Varjo. “By combining IC.IDO’s ease of use with Varjo XR-3’s true-to-life visual quality and business-class comfort, engineering and manufacturing teams have a powerful mixed reality tool for designing and simulating key processes in production and assembly.”

Varjo XR-3 gives its users the most advanced virtual and mixed reality experience, allowing engineers to identify challenges in various human-performed tasks in ways that would have required weeks of construction or hours of digital puppeteering to achieve otherwise. With IC.IDO and Varjo, participants in human-centric process reviews transcend time and space to experience yet-to-be-produced products in proposed future factories or maintenance hangars in true-to-life XR,” said Eric Kam, Solution Marketing Manager at ESI Group.

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Key Benefits of IC.IDO, Varjo, and VR for engineering:

  • Proactively find and avoid issues early in the design process, without needing physical builds
  • Collaborate with multiple manufacturing operators in the same immersive experience
  • See your hands and body in the virtual world – with real-world occlusions
  • Experience the efficiency and ergonomics of each operation with realistic 3D visualization
  • Virtually assess build processes in full-scale and real-time with real-world context

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