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Since its launch in October 2021, Varjo Aero has made waves among professionals and advanced VR users, in particular VR pilots and racing drivers. The ultra-high visual fidelity offers a completely new dimension of virtual reality to many gamers and professional e-sports players. With dual mini-LED displays, crystal-clear aspheric lenses, and a 115° field of view for stunning edge-to-edge clarity, the device offers a massive step up in visual fidelity over consumer-grade virtual reality headsets.

Auggie Awards 2022: “The Best Headworn Device”


Varjo Aero was rewarded the prestigious Auggie Award for Best Headworn Device at Augmented World Expo 2022.  Aero was also featured in another Auggie Award for the Best Interaction Product, as Open BCI has chosen to use it in its Galea product thanks to the in-built eye tracking.

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“If you want the very best VR experiences then you need a headset like this.”

Pocket-lint recently reviewed Varjo Aero and tested several classic VR games with it. “Our experience here was a fantastic one. The Varjo Aero really rejuvenated even ageing games and made already awesome experiences like Half-Life Alyx even more impressive. Stunning visuals and breathtaking scenes abound, and there were no visible god rays or visual imperfections to spoil our experience.” – Adrian Willings, Pocket-lint

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Get Your Game On: “If you’re serious about sim racing, you need this headset!”

“It was like a whole new experience, I could not believe it! In racing, you’re constantly next to other cars and you’re constantly glancing to get an idea where am I, am I too close, am I going to get hit. So your eyes are constantly darting around, looking at the environment. In the other headsets, that’s all blurry. In this thing, because it’s so clear, everything looks amazing and — ; If you’re serious about VR sim racing, you need this headset — This headset is more perfect for sim racing, than any other experience I’ve had. So, there you go, if you’re serious about sim racing, this is a no brainer for sure.”


VR Flight Sim Guy: “The best VR moment ever.”

“Literally, for a moment, I actually thought I was there. – – I think I was in some sort of flow state with VR, and the aircraft, and the headset, and I just felt like I was there. – – I was just in disbelief. I have never had that moment in any other headset before. Honestly guys. And I think it’s down to the fact that when I’m in VR now, I have no obstructions, I have no issues with the lens design or the display. It’s just absolutely crystal-clear. I just forget about the fact that I’m in VR, and I just enjoy the experience. And it’s those moments, the whole reason why we do this. — That is exactly the kind of experience we’re striving for, and with Varjo Aero, it’s happened to me for the first time. Absolutely incredible.”

MRTV: “This is what the best visuals in VR actually look like.”

“There is absolutely no doubt that the Varjo Aero right now has the clearest picture that you can find on the market, period. It’s just so beautiful. It’s so bright, and the lenses are so clear. It is simply nice to have these aspheric lenses where you’ll have absolutely no god rays at all, and then have this super-high-resolution display, which will give you 2880 x 2720 px pixels per eye. And together with the lenses, this is just a winning combination.”

Tested: “Insane display detail.”

“If I had unlimited funds, this is the PCVR headset I would buy today. I find it difficult to go back to my other headsets, whether it’s Valve Index, the Reverb G2, or the Quest 2, having played games like Half-Life Alyx, Lead Dangerous Pavlov in the Varjo Aero.”

Cas and Chary: “The best device I’ve tried so far.”

“I enjoyed the headset’s fidelity a lot, and I can understand where the headset price comes from. Varjo has given a lot of thought to comfort, calibrated the display and lenses incredibly well, and included features you won’t see in another headset (yet). This combined makes the Aero one incredible headset and for sure the best headset I’ve tried so far that anyone can buy.”

Pie in the Sky Tours: “The best VR experience I have ever had.”

“I’m very careful not to overhype this, as a lot of you have been asking me if it really is as good as the others say, and I can say that uncategorically, this is the best VR experience I have ever had. Basically, it’s the clarity we are all looking for. When I first put it on, I couldn’t believe how clear it looked. If I had to try and sum up how I feel about the Varjo Aero, I would say it is everything you want in VR.”

TheVRPilot: “Varjo Aero is the new king of clarity.”

“Having those aspheric lenses just brings a level of clarity to simming and flying that I really dreamed of in the beginning. – It’s clear, it’s sharp, the colors are amazing, it’s bright. My experience overall was absolutely amazing.”


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