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VR simulator for defence

Webinar on Demand: How Airmen are leveraging VR/XR to deploy more effective and scalable critical training solutions

Discover how virtual reality (VR) simulators are being implemented today to create, deploy, measure and sustain safer and more effective critical training for Airmen and maintainers.


Virtual and mixed reality technologies drastically improve scalability and deployability, while modernizing critical training solutions for today's US Air Force

Your hosts:

TSgt Kyle Ingram
Career Development Program Manager,
362nd Training Squadron
United States Air Force

Sebastien Loze
Unreal Engine Simulation Business Director
Epic Games

Chris Verret
CTO, Co-founder
HTX Labs

Geoff Bund
Head of Software Partnerships, North America
Varjo Technologies

Join Varjo as we host Epic Games and HTX Labs to discuss how virtual and mixed reality is being leveraged to revolutionize the way critical training is created, deployed, and measured.

In this 1-hour on-demand session, you will learn:

  • how Unreal Engine enables HTX Labs to deliver an immersive learning platform – EMPACT – that aligns with how the modern workforce learns
  • why  TSgt. Kyle Ingram is implementing immersive training & VR simulator solutions for Airmen and maintainers of the USAF
  • how VR and XR can expand knowledge transfer and bridge critical skills gaps
  • why immersive technology results in reduced safety incidents, training time, and costs
  • what RETEX is and why it is so important

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About the VR Simulator Solution

Varjo partner, HTX Labs is a commercial software company out of Houston, Texas with a focus in defense, aerospace, and heavy industry. Their modular training platform – EMPACT – is built on Unreal Engine by Epic Games and leverages Varjo virtual and mixed reality to deliver realistic immersive learning content to enable training anytime, anywhere, and on any device.



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