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Covid-19: Operational Update

You may wonder how Varjo's operations are running during these exceptional times. Please find below a summary of the questions and answers regarding the current state of our operations.

Ordering and deliveries


Should I expect delays when ordering Varjo products?

Due to the current operational restrictions within Asia, there can be some delays to the delivery lead times. We are continuously working with the Logistics Service Providers about corrective actions and keep customers informed about their order status.

I am currently not working at the office. Can I order Varjo products to my home address?

Yes. When placing a new order, you can set your home office location as the delivery address.

I have already placed an order using my office address. Can I re-route the delivery to my home office?

Yes, re-routing is possible if your order has not been shipped yet.

In case your order has already been shipped out, we will do our best to re-route your delivery. The new delivery address must be located in the same country as the original address. Please send your re-routing request to Varjo Support. If your order is already in transit, you can also contact the carrier in addition to informing us.

My country is closing or has closed its borders for travel. Will I still receive my order?

Yes, at the moment these restrictions only apply to travellers and not to commercial goods. However, local customs authorities may take additional measures that can affect the clearance of your order. The situation is changing daily and we are monitoring it closely with our Logistics Service Provider.

What if my business needs more time to rearrange our operations? Can I delay the delivery of my current order?

Yes. Please send a message to Varjo Support to arrange for a suitable delivery time.


Setup and support


I would like to use my Varjo headset at home, but most of my IT equipment is at the office. What are the technical requirements to use the headset?

Check the System requirements for Varjo headsets, including examples of compatible desktop and laptop models.

You can follow our Get started guide to set up your headset. Note that for SteamVR™ tracking, you will also need to set up SteamVR™ base stations in your home office. You can purchase base stations in Varjo Store.

Is Varjo technical support available for questions? Should I expect delays to the usual response times?

Varjo’s international technical support teams are working normally and available for any customer inquiries. We will address your question within one business day.

Send a support request to Varjo Support.






As a business customer, you have access to our full product range.

  • Varjo XR-3
  • Varjo VR-3
  • Varjo Aero

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Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.

  • Varjo Aero

Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, Switzerland, Iceland, and Australia.


As a business customer, you have access to our full product range.

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Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.