Third-party tracking methods

Third-party tracking solutions can be integrated with Varjo headsets. Please contact your tracking technology provider for more details. Technical information on tracking plugins can be found on our Developer portal.


Installing a third-party tracking plugin

Follow the instructions below to install your tracking plugin:

  1.  Download and install the required software for your Varjo headset.
  2.  Download and install your tracking software and plugin. Refer to your tracking technology provider for detailed instructions.
  3.  Follow the instructions to connect your headset:
  4.  Start Varjo Base. Available tracking methods are listed in the System tab under Headset tracking. Note that this list will appear only after tracking software has been installed.

Important:  some OpenVR applications (such as SteamVR apps) may require the use of SteamVR™ room setup or SteamVR™ controllers. As a result, these applications may not work with third-party tracking methods. Refer to your tracking technology provider for details.


Setting up a third-party tracking plugin

Navigate to the System tab in Varjo Base and select your tracking plugin under Headset tracking. Plugin-specific settings are displayed below.