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Joining or creating a room

Read on for instructions on how to join or create a room in Varjo Teleport.


After you start Varjo Teleport and create an avatar, you arrive in the lobby.

From here you can enter a meeting room in virtual reality using either a VR headset or a standard Windows 10 desktop. With a VR headset you need two VR controllers, whereas with a desktop you can use a keyboard and mouse.


Entering a room


There are three ways to enter a room:


Create a new room

When you create a new room, you automatically become the host and owner of that room. You can define room settings and the models and files required to enter the room.

The new room is visible and available to all members of your organization. Other members can join the room provided that neither the capacity of a single room (15 participants) or the maximum number of users for your organization (defined by your subscription) are not exceeded.

If you are a member of multiple organizations, you can also specify which organization the new room belongs to.

While you can create a new room with either a VR headset or Windows desktop, some room settings are available only if you use a headset. Other participants can use either one regardless of your choice.


Room settings

Use the following settings when you create a new room:

Persistent room When enabled, the room stays available to other participants even when you leave the room. All models added to the room will also remain in the room.
Guide mode As the room owner, guide mode allows you to take other participants on a guided tour. Only you can place models and move around in fullscale, while the other participants follow you around.

To use Guide mode, you must create the room using a VR headset.

File sharing When enabled, your shared files are uploaded to Varjo servers and are available for other participants to download when they join the room. The files are deleted from our servers when the room is closed.
Speech-to-text language Speech-to-text is used for some features into attach notes to an issue when you are inside a rooms. Note that the speech-to-text language can be different from the user interface language.



Varjo Teleport supports the following file types for viewing inside a room:

  • Model files: Proprietary file format for Revit Export (VTM), Open BIM (IFC & BCF), 3D (FBX, gITF, OBJ, STEP, PLY)
  • Video files: MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, MOV, 3G2, 3GP, 3GP2, 3GPP, ASF, WMA, WMV, AAC, ADTS, M4A, M4V, SAMI, SMI
  • Document files: PDF, BCF

You can add files to a room from external cloud storage or locally from your computer. Varjo Teleport currently supports the Bimsync and Interaxo cloud services. Share files either directly using the file sharing feature in Varjo Teleport, or manually by uploading the files elsewhere and asking other participants to dowload the files onto their computer.

To join a room, all users must have copies of the required files on their computer.


Model settings

Use the following settings for model files included in a room:

Auto-detect measurement unit For supported formats (IFC, STEP, and D10M), use the measurement unit specified inside the model file. When disabled, use the measurement unit specified under Measurement unit.
Measurement unit Set the default measurement unit for model files. Available units are: Kilometers, meters, centimeters, feet, and inches.
Auto-colorize Assign colors to the model. FBX files are assigned random colors, IFC files are assigned a standard color palette.
Mirror coordinate system Use a right-handed coordinate system instead of the default left-handed one.
Optimize surfaces Show only one side of a surface to optimize performance. Results may vary depending on how the model is constructed


Join a room


In the lobby you can see a list of available rooms. Hover over users’ icons to see the current participants in a room and select a room to join.

You can join a room using either a VR headset or Windows desktop.


Join a room with a key

You can join a room that belongs to another organization using a six-character key code. Enter the room key in the lobby, join the room, and wait for the room owner to approve you joining the room.

Note that you need a subscription from your own organization to join a room that belongs to a different organization.

You can join a room using either a VR headset or Windows desktop.


Required files

To join an existing room, you need to add the required files for the room to your library. Required files are defined by the room creator, who can share the files directly via cloud storage or manually elsewhere.






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As a business customer, you have access to our full product range.

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Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.