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Inside a room

Read more about what you can do inside a room in Varjo Teleport.

Moving around

You can choose to enter a room either using either a VR headset or Windows desktop. How you move around in the room depends on whether you are in VR mode or desktop mode.


VR mode

When using a VR headset, use your controllers to move around and interact with the world. Look down at the controllers to see tooltips for the different buttons and triggers.

Varjo Teleport supports the following controllers:

  • HTC Vive and Vive Pro
  • Oculus Rift and Rift S
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Valve Knuckles


Use the buttons on your controllers to perform actions:

Menu button Open the VR menu.
Trigger button Grab objects. Press the trigger button on both controllers to scale models up or down.
Grip button Use the grip button on the left controller to open the Measuring tool. Press and hold the button to measure the distance between your controllers.

Use the grip button on the right controller to open the Cross-section tool, which is used to cut into a model to gain a better view of the different elements on the inside of model. Press and hold the button to move the cut, release the button to lock it in place. Press once more to remove the cut.


Use the touchpad on your controllers to move around:

Up Press to activate a teleport beam. Point the beam and release to teleport.
Down Take a step backward.
Left, Right Turn 45 degrees left or right.


Desktop mode

When using a Windows desktop, move around in the room using your keyboard and mouse: 

  • To look around, press and hold the right mouse button and move the mouse.
  • To move around, use the W, A, S, D, Q, and E keys on your keyboard.



VR menu


The VR menu contains various features and settings organized into four tabs: Models, Tools, Issues, and Settings.

To open the menu in VR mode, press the Menu button on your controller. In desktop mode, press the button in the top-left corner of the screen.


Models tab

The Models tab contains features related to model files.

Choose Grid view for a basic view of the models included in the room or Info view to see more detailed information such as the measurement unit and the number of elements and triangles in a model.

To spawn a model, simply press on it.

Select Split all to work with individual models or Combine all to combine them into a single model. To view a model in its original size, select Enter fullscale, place the avatar in your chosen location, and press and release the trigger at the back of your controller.


Tools tab

In the Tools tab you can find various features for working inside a room:

Metadata See metadata on a specific object in a model by pointing your laser pointer at it.
Hide and show Hide or show parts of a model. To hide a component, aim your laser pointer at a surface and press down on the upper side of the trackpad on your controller. Undo a selection by clicking the lower side of the trackpad.

This feature is available both in fullscale and in the VR lobby.

Transparency Set the transparency of a model by adjusting the slider.
Measuring Use these features to measure distances in a model.

Point to point measures the distance between two points on a straight line. Perpendicular measures a distance on straight line perpendicular to the selected surface. Bounds returns the bounds of a selected objects.

Enable either feature, aim on a part of the model, and press the upper part of the trackpad on your controller to view measurements.

Tablet Use the tablet to view and show presentations, documents, images, and videos inside the room. Note that to access files, you will need to import and check them off before you enter the room.

Use the cast symbol in the lower right of a document to cast the contents of the tablet to the main lobby screen, where you can give a slideshow presentation. To navigate the slides, push the right or left side of the trackpad on your controller.

Camera Use the tablet to take pictures in the room and save them on your computer. See where pictures are saved under Images.
Drawing Draw in space inside a room. Tap the upper part of the touchpad on your controller to change colors, the left side to undo the latest part of a drawing, or the right side to redo.


Issues tab

The Issues tab lets you create and discuss issues related to a given model.

Select New issue to create a new issue. You can add a title, description, and viewpoint to the issue, and select a project to which the issue is attached. To take a snapshot and attach it to the issue, select Add viewpoint and hold the trigger at the back of your controller.

To view existing issues and associated viewpoints, select a model in the Models tab and open the Issues tab. You can filter the list of existing issues, comment on them, and access viewpoints. Note that you can add a comment even without a keyboard by using the speech-to-text functionality.


Settings tab

You can access general settings from the Settings tab:

Graphics Adjust the overall visual quality or individual graphics settings.
Audio Select your audio output and input device and associated settings.
Language Set a language for the application itself and for speech-to-text features.
Avatar Define a name for your avatar.



Quick menu

Look down at your hands to see the Quick menu, which contains frequently used features.

In fullscale, Gather all brings all other users in the room to your location. Draw in VR lets you draw in space with different colors. Camera brings up a virtual camera to take pictures, which are saved on your computer.






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As a business customer, you have access to our full product range.

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Private customers can order Aero through our webstore.