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Purchasing and managing subscriptions


To get started with Varjo Subscription, create an account and log into Varjo Account Portal. You only need an email address, password, and name to create your account.

Follow the instructions below to set up Varjo Subscription for your team. You can also read more about accounts, subscriptions, and Varjo Account Portal.


1.  Create an organization

In Varjo Account Portal, subscriptions are tied to and managed via an organization. Organizations consist of admin users and regular members.

To create an organization in Varjo Account Portal, select Create organization. You will automatically become the admin user for the new organization. As admin you can purchase subscriptions and assign seats, as well as invite members and other admin users as needed.


2.  Purchase subscriptions

You can purchase subscriptions in Varjo Account Portal under Purchase subscriptions. Subscriptions are tied to your organization.

Choose a subscription type, length, and number of seats to fit your needs. There are two types of subscriptions available for purchase:

  • XR Subscription for either XR-3 or VR-3
  • VR Subscription for VR-3


3.  Invite team members

As the admin user for your organization, you can invite members of your team to join the organization either as an admin user or regular member. Invitees are sent an email with a link to create a new Varjo Account or to join with their existing account.

Invite others to join your organization:

  1. In Varjo Account Portal, open Organizations and select your organization.
  2. Under Members, click the arrow to open the Members page.
  3. Select Invite new admin user or Invite new user and enter an email address to send an invitation. See instructions on how to accept an admin invitation.

After creating an account, members can download software for their headset in Varjo Account Portal.


4.  Assign seats in subscriptions

Once a team member has joined the organization, you can assign a seat in a subscription to their accounts. Admins can freely assign and reassign seats to members while the subscription is valid.

When using the headset, a seat in a valid subscription must be assigned to the account using the headset.

Assign seats to members of your organization:

  1. In Varjo Account Portal, open Organizations and select your organization.
  2. Under Subscriptions, select a subscription.
  3. Select an empty seat and a team member to assign the seat. To remove a team member from a seat, click on the X icon.

Team members with an assigned seat can start to use their headset.