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Accounts, subscriptions, and Varjo Account Portal


Varjo Subscription is a seat-based license system for Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 headsets.

Subscriptions belong to an organization, and seats in a subscription can be assigned to members of the organization. Members can have different roles: admin users and regular members. Each member must have their own Varjo Account.

Subscriptions, seats, organizations, and accounts are managed in Varjo Account Portal.

To use the headset, you need both an account and a seat in a subscription assigned to that account. Note that XR-1 Developer Edition, VR-2 Pro, VR-2, and VR-1 do not require a subscription. Read more about upgrading to XR-3 and VR-3.


Using Varjo Account Portal

To get started, create an account and log into Varjo Account Portal. You only need an email address, password, and name to create your account.

Select one of the options below to set up subscriptions in Varjo Account Portal: