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Accepting an admin invitation


When you are invited to join an organization in Varjo Account Portal, you will receive an invitation email with a link to create an account and join the organization.

Follow these instructions to create your account and set up Varjo Subscription for your team. You can also read more about accounts, subscriptions, and Varjo Account Portal.


1.  Create your Varjo Account

Create an account using the link in the invitation email. Make sure to use the same email address the invitation was sent to.

With your new account, you are automatically an admin user for your organization.


2.  View your organization

Organizations in Varjo Account Portal are used to purchase and manage subscriptions and seats in those subscriptions. An organization consists of two types of members: admins and regular members. Admins can invite new members, manage subscriptions, and assign seats in subscriptions.

To view the details of your organization in Varjo Account Portal, open Organizations and select your organization.


3.  Invite team members

As admin you can invite new members to join your organization. Invitees are sent an email with a link to create a new Varjo Account or to join with their existing account.

Invite team members to join your organization:

  1. In Varjo Account Portal, open Organizations and select your organization.
  2. Under Members, click the link to open the Members page.
  3. Select Invite new user and enter an email address to invite a new member. Alternatively, select Invite admin user to invite another admin.

Members can download software for their headset in Varjo Account Portal.


4.  Assign seats in subscriptions

Once other members have joined your organization, you can assign seats in subscriptions to their accounts. Admins can freely assign and reassign seats to members while the subscription is valid.

When using the headset, the account using the headset must have an assigned seat in a valid subscription. Read more about purchasing subscriptions if your organisation does not yet have a Varjo Subscription.

You can assign seats as follows:

  1. In Varjo Account Portal, open Organizations and select your organization.
  2. Under Subscriptions, select the appropriate subscription.
  3. Select an empty seat and a team member to assign the seat. To remove a team member from a seat, click on the X icon.

Team members with an assigned seat can start to use their headset.