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Setting up tracking

Below you will find a list of tracking methods available for Varjo headsets.


Positional tracking for your headset

Your Varjo headset uses a tracking system to know its exact position. Tracking allows applications to synchronize your movements in the real world with those in the virtual environment.


Available tracking methods

Varjo headsets support the following tracking methods:

  1.  SteamVR™ Tracking uses up to four SteamVR™ base stations to track your headset and optional controllers. SteamVR™ Tracking is available for all Varjo headsets.
  2.  Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta) uses the built-in cameras on your headset to scan the room and keep track of your position. Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta) is available for XR-3.
  3.  Third-party tracking methods can be integrated with all Varjo headsets.