Varjo and SteamVR

Even though the Varjo VR-1 uses the SteamVR™ Tracking technology, the SteamVR status window cannot be running at the same time with Varjo Base. This is because Varjo software reserves the SteamVR system to provide headset tracking to applications. Thus, the SteamVR needs to be shut down when using Varjo VR-1. Varjo software attempts to make sure the SteamVR is not running while you are using the Varjo VR-1. 

Varjo VR-1 is not currently compatible with existing SteamVR applications. To port your SteamVR application for Varjo VR-1, you will need to apply some changes to the project before being able to run it on the Varjo VR-1. In order to see what changes needs to be done, refer to the documentation of your engine of choice. 


Usage of SteamVR API with Varjo VR-1 

Please note that Varjo Software takes care of head pose tracking, so you should not use SteamVR to access head transform. Instead use the values provided by the Varjo SDK or Varjo Plugin for the engine of your choice. 

You should only use controller tracking and controller input portions of the SteamVR API. Other parts of the SteamVR API may not work as expected and we advise you not to use those parts with Varjo VR-1.