Developing without the VR-1

You may encounter situations where you would like to begin development already before receiving the Varjo VR-1. Maybe you are still waiting for the delivery of your VR-1 or want to test your development skills. This is the section that will allow you to test your project without the device itself. Please note that some functionalities, such as interactions and eye tracking, cannot be tested without the device.

You cannot rotate or move the view of the emulated headset in compositor mode yet, but we are working on adding such functionality in the future.

Viewing the compositor window

In the Varjo Base, go to the Settings page and choose Mirroring > Toggle headset view.

This will open up the Varjo Compositor window on your computer.

Note: When you choose to view the Compositor window on your computer, you would not see an image in the connected headset, since this feature is meant for developing without a headset connected.

In the Compositor window, rendering is initialized with a fixed number of viewports. The number of viewports is four – two for the peripheral area and two for the focus area – one for each eye.