Varjo SDK

Varjo SDK is a collection of libraries and a C/C++ API to enable functionality of the Varjo headset. The SDK is compatible with 64-bit Windows, DirectX 11 and OpenGL. More platforms and graphics APIs are under development.

This page describes how to use the Varjo SDK to build your own applications for the Varjo headset. The API documentation and example projects can be found from the same directory structure as this page.

You can download automatically generated Varjo SDK for Custom Engines from the downloads page. Unzip the folder and open index.html with your browser to begin.



To be able to set up the Varjo SDK environment, the following are needed:


Getting started

On the Getting Started page we’ll walk you through installing and using the Native SDK.



Examples of basic usage of the Varjo SDK are available from the Examples page. Examples are distributed freely and can be reused for your projects.