Unreal Studio

This section explains how to use Varjo Plugin for Unreal with Unreal studio.

  1. Go to https://www.unrealengine.com/studio and sign-up to Unreal Studio Beta
  2. Install Unreal Studio Plugin (Datasmith) from Epic Game Launcher
  3. Run supported version of Unreal Engine
  4. Tab to “New Project”‘
  5. Choose one of Unreal Studio samples
  6. Create Plugins folder under the project directory. Download the Varjo Plugin for Unreal zip file and extract the Varjo folder to the Plugins folder you created. Your path should now look like <Project dir>\Plugins\Varjo
  7. Close the project and start it again
  8. Enable Varjo Plugin for Unreal from the plugins window if not already enabled
  9. If prompted, restart Unreal Engine and open the project you created.
  10. You can now run the Unreal Studio project with the Varjo headset.